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Microsoft Security

7 types of highly effective hackers (and what to do about them)

  • Microsoft Secure Blog Staff

Would you know what to do if you drew the attention of a hacktivist group? Knowing that damages from a hacktivist attack are typically minor is no relief, as a breach will surely damage your reputation. However, knowing about the different types of hackers, what motivates them, and the tools and techniques they use, can help better prepare your organization to protect against them.

Attacks on organizations around the world are on the rise. Millions of dollars of intellectual property are at risk, as well as the threat of lost productivity. Threats now come from a wide range of sources including:

  • Script Kiddies who exploit existing code to hack for fun
  • Hacking Groups that work together to attack governments and companies
  • Hactivists who use hacking skills to promote an agenda
  • Black Hat Professionals who make a living from hacking
  • Organized Criminal Gangs that steal data to make money
  • Nation States that do political and economic espionage
  • Cyberweapons Dealers who sell to exploit to other hackers

Learn more about the 7 different hackers and get recommendations on how you can better prepare your organization against their potential threats in this free eBook: 7 Types of Highly Effective Hackers.