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New Microsoft security tools to protect families and businesses

Today marks an exciting milestone in Microsoft’s AI journey. This morning, at an event in New York City, we made several major announcements to empower people across work and life—you can read more about Microsoft Bing and Edge with Copilot, what’s new from Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise for work, Microsoft Designer and Copilot in Microsoft 365, Windows 11, and new Surface devices in Yusuf Medhi’s blog.

These innovations will redefine how we live and work with AI, and it’s so exciting to see the progress we are making to put AI and other capabilities into the hands of our customers across every aspect of their whole lives.

As we rapidly iterate and improve technology, it’s imperative that we do so with a security-first mindset. This means both building products that are secure by default and ensuring that we are adopting and deploying new technologies, like AI, in a secure and responsible way.

Designing Windows security for the new era

Today, we shared the upcoming Windows 11 update that will be available on September 26, 2023. That update includes several important security features and updates that help make this the most personal and intelligent Windows experience yet. I want to take a moment to highlight some of the key security features you’ll hear more about next week:

Building the passwordless future

We’ve talked for years about the passwordless future that we envision here at Microsoft. We know that passwords are one of the most common entry points for attacks—in fact, there are more than 4,000 password attacks every second—a nearly three-fold increase since last year.1 That’s why it’s more important than ever for organizations and individuals to use passwordless options whenever possible. In the Windows 11 update, we’re excited to introduce:

Empowering IT with new security tools

The latest Windows 11 will also include powerful new tools that empower IT teams to keep their organizations and employees more secure, including:

We will share more details about these and other new Windows 11 features next week.

New advanced security for Microsoft 365 Personal, Family, and Basic subscribers

As a company, we are also thinking about how we equip individuals with tools and information to better protect themselves at home. Today, we are excited to announce new advanced security benefits for Microsoft 365 Personal, Family, and Basic subscribers.

Microsoft Defender for individuals introduces credit monitoring and privacy protection in the United States

Today, we shared two new additions to Microsoft Defender for individuals that will help individuals and families protect their personal data online:

Learn more about Microsoft Defender for individuals.

OneDrive advanced security in Microsoft 365 Basic

Earlier this year, we launched our most affordable subscription plan, Microsoft 365 Basic. As promised, we’re now adding the OneDrive advanced security features in our Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans to the Microsoft 365 Basic plan at no extra cost. Starting October 12, 2023, Microsoft 365 Basic subscribers will have access to OneDrive advanced security features like unlimited files in your Personal Vault, expiring sharing links, password-protected sharing links, files restore, and ransomware detection and recovery. Microsoft 365 Basic continues to offer 100 GB of cloud storage and incredible peace of mind benefits at an incredible price.

Using AI securely and responsibly

As we celebrate our advancements across AI, it’s important to reiterate our commitment to deploying these technologies securely and responsibly. I have been lucky enough to have had a front-row seat as we built, tested, and iterated on these amazing AI technologies. But as we’ve watched this evolve, we recognize that, as Spider-Man would say, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” That is why we are committed to building and deploying AI responsibly and ethically. You can read more about our commitments at the Empowering Responsible AI practices hub.

We’ve heard from customers and seen firsthand that employees are eager to use AI in the workplace. But many leaders have concerns about the use of AI in their organizations. They worry that it can introduce unnecessary risk. That’s why we are taking a safe and secure approach for customers, empowering them to feel confident in using AI at work. For example, Bing Chat Enterprise helps employees tap into the power of AI while ensuring prompts and responses aren’t logged or used to train the underlying model. Our commitments to enterprise-grade security, privacy, identity, compliance, and responsible AI in Microsoft 365 Copilot remain unchanged. And lastly we will continue to use AI to drive a paradigm shift in security with Microsoft Security Copilot. We empathize with security and IT leaders trying to navigate a challenging landscape and will continue to build security into our products to help them harness the power of AI confidently.

As part of our time in New York today, I am pleased to be a part of a panel discussion on this topic. Thank you for being part of our journey and making security forefront in your lives.

Stay tuned for more exciting details from Windows next week as we celebrate the availability of the new Windows 11 on September 26, 2023. 

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1Microsoft internal data.