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More than just an ocean separates American and European approaches to cybersecurity 

The recent revision of the National Standards and Technology Institute’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and the publication of European Network and Security Agency’s (ENISA) proposals on implementation of the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive have made me pause and ponder the progress made (or indeed not) in securing our critical infrastructures since they were both […]

3 min read

How the Asia-Pacific region is advancing cybersecurity 

Earlier this year, my team and I had the great privilege and pleasure of spending several days in Japan, participating in the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) Symposium. We also met with industry colleagues to discuss global cybersecurity trends and opportunities to engage in public policy, and met with Japanese government partners to examine the question of cloud security.

Use Enterprise Threat Detection to find “invisible” cyberattacks 

This post is authored by Roberto Bamberger, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. Amongst the plethora of stories about cyberattacks in the news, multiple recent articles have been published describing the more difficult to detect cyberattacks which leverage normal tools already present in an enterprise to achieve their mission. SecureList calls the techniques used in these […]

Streamline privacy management with Microsoft Priva

Protect and govern personal information, reduce privacy risks, and manage subject rights requests at scale with Microsoft Priva privacy risk management solutions.

3 min read

Mind the air gap: Network separation’s cost, productivity, and security drawbacks 

In some of my recent discussions with policy-makers, network separation, e.g. the physical isolation of sensitive networks from the Internet, has been floated as an essential cybersecurity tool. Why? It promises the holy grail of security, i.e. 100% protection, because cyberattacks can’t cross the “air gap” to reach their target. In my experience, however, network […]

Supply chain security demands closer attention 

Often in dangerous situations we initially look outwards and upwards for the greatest threats. Sometimes we should instead be looking inwards and downwards. Supply chain security in information and communication technology (ICT) is exactly one of those situations where detailed introspection could be of benefit to all concerned. The smallest security breach can have disastrous […]

4 min read

How future policy and regulations will challenge AI 

I recently wrote about how radical the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity will be. Technological revolutions are however frequently not as rapid as we think. We tend to see specific moments, from Sputnik in 1957 to the iPhone in 2007, and call them “game changing” – without appreciating the intervening stages of innovation, […]

2 min read

4 steps to managing shadow IT 

Shadow IT is on the rise. More than 80 percent of employees report using apps that weren’t sanctioned by IT. Shadow IT includes any unapproved hardware or software, but SaaS is the primary cause in its rapid rise. Today, attempting to block it is an outdated, ineffective approach. Employees find ways around IT controls. How […]

Is social engineering the biggest threat to your organization? 

“Always remember: Amateurs hack systems. Professionals hack people.” –Bruce Schneier, CTO, Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. All over the globe, social engineering is a dominant and growing threat to organizational security. Since January 2015, the number of social engineering victims identified by the FBI has increased 270 percent, costing businesses more than $2.3 billion. Social engineering […]