Protect your time and empower your team

See Microsoft Security working behind the scenes.

Two people working in an open-layout office sitting at desks positioned facing each other. A third person sits at a desk in the background with their back toward the camera.

Cybersecurity is imperative all year long

Learn why cybersecurity awareness is imperative all year long and how you can protect your time and empower your team.

The people behind the cloud

At times, you may feel like the weight of the world is on you and your team. Microsoft Security has you covered. See how Microsoft Security empowers you to focus on top threats by letting us take care of the rest. Check out the short excerpts from the full video below.

Addressing your cybersecurity needs

Talent gap

How to bridge the talent gap with AI, security automation, and people.

Insider threats

“Users are my first and last line of defense.” - Bret Arsenault, Microsoft CISO.

Zero Trust

Not every Zero Trust implementation is the same. See how to get started.

CISO blog series

Security strategies and valuable lessons learned from CISOs and our top security experts.

Next steps and staying informed

Understanding the threat landscape

Our threat intelligence reports share expert insights gained from analyzing over 6.5 trillion signals.

6 critical steps to security

This e-book shows you the path to improved security with Microsoft 365 in 6 critical steps.

AI and automation

Empower your security operations with Azure Sentinel. Join our web seminar to learn more.

Learn how Microsoft Runs on Trust

Join us for a discussion with Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, and Ann Johnson, Microsoft CVP of Cybersecurity.