Provide a common identity for your users

Allow users seamless and highly secure access to resources from anywhere and simplify management for IT.

What is hybrid identity in the cloud?

As organizations modernize across their on-premises and cloud resources, they must maintain convenient access for their users. A hybrid identity approach synchronizes directories so users can access apps hosted on any cloud or apps that still live on-premises, with full visibility and security controls for IT.

Keys to a strong identity foundation

Connect to apps easily

Improve user productivity and security with single sign-on (SSO) and access automation.

Establish one identity for every user

Synchronize directories to create a common user identity for authentication to resources.

Empower your users securely

Grant users identity management self-service and minimize administrative overhead.

Operationalize your insights

Take advantage of insights and reporting to ensure users remain productive and your organization is more secure.

Hybrid identity with Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) synchronizes with on-premises AD to provide unified management of your workforce identities.

Embrace modern cloud authentication

Choosing the appropriate authentication method is the first concern for organizations that want to move their apps to the cloud.

Azure AD Connect

Synchronize Azure AD with your primary on-premises identity forest and disconnected forests acquired through mergers and acquisitions. Monitor your connection’s health to reduce interruptions to user access.

Password hash synchronization (PHS)

Unlock advanced security and modern authentication through PHS. Users take advantage of the same identity to access on-premises and cloud resources, and no credentials are stored in the cloud.

Secure hybrid access

Protect access to on-premises legacy apps through Azure AD Application Proxy, or take advantage of existing app delivery controls and networks by connecting them to Azure AD.

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How-to guides

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