The Microsoft security difference

A meeting room and desks in the Microsoft Security Center.

Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Informed by over 8 trillion daily security signals and observations from our security and threat intelligence experts, we share our telemetry and insights about the current state of cybersecurity.

Why choose Microsoft Security

Massive signal depth and diversity

Trillions of daily security signals enable us to see the threats that others miss.

A global team of security experts

Our industry-leading team is made up of researchers, analysts, scientists, and engineers from all corners of the globe.

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence

When our experts pair this near-endless signal with AI and machine learning, unparalleled protection is the result.

The heart of Microsoft’s security operations excellence

The Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) is where all parts of Microsoft’s security apparatus come together to protect, detect and respond. Here, security experts from across the company monitor the trillions of daily signals to protect Microsoft cloud infrastructure, services, and customers from evolving threats.

People working in the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center

Additional security resources

Microsoft Security Blog

Learn about the latest trends in cybersecurity and solutions from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Response Center

We engage with the security research community to find and address vulnerabilities in our services.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Portal

Report suspicious files and URLs, explore our threat encyclopedia, and see global threat activity.

The Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Our new report includes security and threat intelligence insights from more security teams than ever before.