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Ransomware’s new business model

Cyber Signals: Extortion economics

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Behind the scenes

Security expert spotlight
“My job is to spot these pre-ransomware acts as early as possible. If you are only looking for the ransomware payload, itself – you're too late.”

Emily Hacker

Threat Intelligence Analyst at Microsoft

Behind the scenes with cybercrime and counter ransomware expert Nick Carr

Nick Carr, Cybercrime Intelligence Team Lead at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, discusses ransomware trends, explains what Microsoft is doing to protect customers from ransomware, and describes what organizations can do if they’ve been affected by it.

Walk through the world of attack surface management

Steve Ginty, director of cyber intelligence at Microsoft, talks about the importance of knowing your external attack surface, provides tips on effective security readiness, and identifies the most important step you can take to protect yourself against threat actors online.


Three ways to protect against new-wave ransomware

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The scale and scope of worldwide cybercrime in 60 seconds

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Cybercrime and nation-state attacks on the rise.

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