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Cyber Signals: Issue 1

Identity is the new battleground. Gain insights into evolving cyberthreats and what steps to take to better protect your organization.

February 9, 2022

There’s a dangerous mismatch between most organizations’ security protocols and the threats they face. While attackers do try to force their way into networks, their preferred tactic is simpler: guessing weak login passwords. Basic measures like multifactor authentication are effective against 98 percent of attacks, but only 20 percent of organizations fully employ them (Microsoft Digital Defense Report, 2021).

In issue 1, you’ll learn about current security trends and recommendations from Microsoft researchers and experts, including:

  • Who’s relying on password and identity-based attacks.
  • What to do to counteract attacks, including endpoint, email, and identity strategies.
  • When to prioritize different security measures.
  • Where ransomware strains enter and proliferate within networks, and how to stop them.
  • Why identity protection remains the greatest cause for concern—but is also the greatest opportunity to improve your security.

Explore Issue 1:

Security snapshot:

Endpoint, e-mail, and identity threats

Threat briefing:

Nation-state actors redouble efforts to grab identity building blocks

Defending Attacks:

Ransomware dominates mindshare, but only a few strains dominate

Expert profile:

Christopher Glyer, Principal Threat Intelligence Lead, MSTIC

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Security Snapshot

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