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Cloud Security




Threat Protection



Advanced Audit

Azure Active Directory

Azure AD Domain Services

Azure AD External Identities

Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Azure Defender

Azure Defender for IoT

Azure Firewall

Azure Firewall Manager

Azure Front Door

Azure Key Vault

Azure Private Link

Azure Purview

Azure Security Center

Azure Sentinel

Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Web Application Firewall


Communication Compliance

Compliance Ecosystem

Compliance Manager

Customer Lockbox

Data Loss Prevention

Data Subject Requests



Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Information Barriers

Information Governance

Information Protection

Insider Risk Management

Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Security Center

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Identity

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Network Watcher

Privileged Access Management

Records Management

Secure Score

Teams Data Loss Prevention



Applications and Services

Compliance Management

Discover and Respond

Email Security

Endpoint Security

Governance and Strategy

Identity and Access Management

Identity Security

Information Protection and Governance

Insider Risk Management

Network Security

Privileged Access

Security Operations


Storage, Data, and Encryption


Zero Trust




Application Security and DevSecOps

Business Owner

Business User

Cloud Solution Architects

Data Security and Information Protection Analyst


DevOps Engineer

Endpoint Security

Identity and Access Admin

Incident Preparation

Infrastructure Security

People Security

Policy and Standards

Posture Management

Risk Practitioner

Security Architecture

Security Compliance Management

Security Engineer

Security Leadership

Security Operations

Solution Architect


Technology Manager

Threat Intelligence

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Announcing Improved Identity Protection Signal Quality and Visibility

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection now has improved signal quality and visibility to improve the accuracy and quality of sign-in risk in your organization

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Tutorial: Migrate your applications from Okta to Azure Active Directory

In this tutorial, learn how to migrate your applications from Okta to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

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Integrate with Microsoft's Zero Trust solutions

Integrate your software with Microsoft's Zero Trust solutions to improve your security.

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Onboard partners more easily with new Azure AD entitlement management features

Learn how to easily integrate with your partners using entitlement management. With features like custom questions and built-in attributes, you can achieve levels of governance for partners, your organization desire.

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Reduce your cyber exposure to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

In this interactive guide, you will learn how to reduce your organizational risk with threat and vulnerability management capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

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Become a Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja

This Ninja training covers the features and functions of Microsoft 365 Defender – everything that goes across the workloads

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Published: 10/19/2020
Protect your organization with Microsoft 365 Defender

In this interactive guide you will learn how you can protect your organization from advanced attacks with Microsoft 365 Defender

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Published: 09/22/2020
Audit the security of Windows Server IaaS Virtual Machines

You'll learn about Azure Security Center and how to onboard Windows Server computers to Security Center. You'll also learn about Azure Sentinel, security information and event management (SIEM), and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR).

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Published: 09/24/2020
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Linux now supported by Azure Defender for servers (in preview)

"Azure Defender for servers includes an integrated license for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Together, they provide comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. When Defender for Endpoint detects a threat, it triggers an alert. The alert is shown in Security Center. From Security Center, you can also pivot to the Defender for Endpoint console, and perform a detailed investigation to uncover the scope of the attack."

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Published: 2 months ago
New 'Compliance Over Time' workbook

"We've now added a workbook dedicated to tracking a subscription's compliance with the regulatory or industry standards applied to it. Learn about using these reports or building your own in Create rich, interactive reports of Security Center data."

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Published: 3 months ago
Interactive Guide: Protect your cloud infrastructure with Azure network security

In this interactive guide you'll see how Azure network security solution an help you manage network traffic, prevent attacks, directed at your resources, and get more secure connectivity to you virtual machines.

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Published: 47 days ago
New Detections, Hunting Queries and Response Automation in Azure Firewall

The cloud native Azure Firewall provides protection against network-based threats. Azure Sentinel is the cloud native SIEM and SOAR solution which provides threat detection, hunting, and automated response capabilities for Azure Firewall.

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Published: 60 days ago
Interactive Guide: Insider Risk Management

In this exercise, you will see how to use the scan function to quickly get an understanding of the insider risks an organization is exposed to, show suggested policies, and, see how to customize built-in policies as part of setup and deployment.

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Published: 2 months ago
Protect sensitive data with Microsoft Information Protection

In this interactive guide, you'll learn how to protect your organization’s sensitive data with Microsoft Information Protection.

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Manage content with information governance and records management

In this interactive guide, you'll see how information governance and records management in Microsoft 365 can help you retain or delete sensitive information.

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Data Loss Prevention Policies for Microsoft Teams

In this exercise, you will use the Microsoft 365 Compliance admin center to edit an existing DLP policy, adding Microsoft Teams as a location to which the policy will apply.

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Enable Config Manager and Intune Co-management

In this guide, you will learn how to enable configuration management of workloads from the Microsoft Intune cloud console. Then you can direct your Windows 10 endpoints managed by Configuration Manager to start listening to Intune for certain workloads.

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Published: 2 months ago
Enable Tenant Attach

In this guide, you will learn how tenant attach connects you existing on-premises Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager infrastructure with your Microsoft Intune cloud tenant.

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Published: 41 days ago
Configure Security Baselines for Windows 10

In this guide, you will learn how to configure Security Baselines in Windows 10.

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Secure Teams on Android with App Protection Policy

This guide shows you how to set up an Application Protection policy (APP) with Microsoft Intune for an Android device.

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Published: 45 days ago

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Azure Firewall: Better Together with Azure Sentinel

This presentation provides an overview of the Azure Firewall integration with Azure Sentinel. The presentation demonstrates how you can use the Azure Firewall detection rules in Azure Sentinel to detect threats and respond to them automatically.

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Azure Sentinel: What's New in the Last 6 Months

Azure Sentinel has so many new features coming out all the time, it can be hard to keep up! This presentation summarizes the last 6 months of features and why they're important for your customers.

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Automate Data Enrichment and Alerts Investigation with Azure Sentinel Playbooks

This presentation demonstrates how to use Azure Sentinel playbooks to collect enrichment data from different sources, automate alerts triage, and reduce the load on your analysts.

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