Identity is at the center of security

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Don’t compromise when it comes to identity. Secure access to your organization using a risk-based approach.

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Secure authentication

Reduce risk of security breaches and go passwordless. Turn on one of the many multi-factor authentication options to protect your users from 99.99% of identity attacks.

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Turn on multi-factor authentication

Identity attacks grew 300% last year. MFA keeps users 99.9% secure. Turn on these options today.

Enable password protection

Azure AD password protection safeguards credentials with banned password lists and smart lockout features.

Secure Windows 10 identity and access

Control access and mitigate credential theft in Windows 10.
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Protect and govern access

Never trust, always verify. Use Azure AD conditional access to deliver Zero Trust.

Enable secure productivity

Secure access mode in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, or Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Manage and secure endpoints

Secure devices with Azure AD conditional access, Microsoft Intune and Windows Defender ATP.

Secure administration with Azure AD

Privileged Identity Management secures your admin accounts across Office and Azure.

Azure AD Identity Governance

Ensure identity, access, and admin lifecycle governance with Azure AD.

Get comprehensive identity protection

Prevent identity attacks with Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure ATP, and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
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Secure your identity infrastructure

Identity attacks grew 300% last year. Take five steps to protect your identity infrastructure.

Identity security insights

Azure AD Identity Protection detects risks and allows you to define policies for remediation.

Hybrid identity forensics

Azure ATP and Microsoft Cloud App Security guard against threats in the cloud or on-premises.

Stay secure over time

New threats emerge every single day. Get the latest guidance with Identity in Microsoft Secure Score.
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Set the right identity foundation

Connect all your apps to a single identity platform in the cloud to get the most security and productivity for your organization.

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