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Our cloud-powered, intelligent security solutions help you protect users, data, and everything in between.

Identity and access management

Secure identities to reach zero trust.

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Threat protection

Help stop damaging attacks with integrated and automated security.

Information Protection

Locate and classify information anywhere it lives.
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Security management

Strengthen your security posture with insights and guidance.

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Microsoft CISO Spotlight Series

Learn from your peers and address cyber security challenges head on.

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Microsoft Privacy approach

Microsoft is transparent about its specific policies, operational practices, and technologies helping ensure the privacy of your data in Online Services.

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"We no longer have to worry about what security product we’ll use. With Microsoft 365, we’re covered."

– Itzik Menashe, VP IT and Information Security

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Secure Products

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure strengthens the security of your hybrid cloud workloads.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 helps protect your identities, data, apps, and endpoints from cyber threats. 

Additional resources

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Secure digital transformation

Simple steps for a secure digital transformation with Shadow IT.

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Security intelligence report

Learn about the top 10 latest security trends from the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.
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Enhancing security with AI

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Learn how you can enhance your security with the power of AI.
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Incident Response Reference guide

Get our free comprehensive incident management guide to help reduce your business and security risk.

Enterprise-class technology