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Enterprise Source Licensing Program

Program Details

The Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP) licenses Microsoft Windows source code to qualified enterprise customers. The ESLP provides source code for most major releases and service packs of Windows (client and server).

Use and Restrictions

  • ESLP licensees may only use the source code for the purposes of assisting in the support and development of internally deployed applications on the Microsoft Windows platform, supporting Microsoft Windows deployments, performing internal security audits of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Source code may not be used to assist with the development of a commercially distributed product.
  • Licensees may use the source code as a reference or view within a debugger, but they may not modify the code or use it to create derivative works.
  • The license term is one year.

Eligibility Requirements (all requirements must be met)

  • Describe the purpose of your source code access.
  • Supply the name of your Microsoft account manager contact.
  • Maintain 10,000 Windows seats under one of the following:
    • An Enterprise Agreement.
    • A Select or Select Plus agreement with Software Assurance.
  • ESLP customers must be headquartered in and access source code from an eligible geographic market.
  • Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and standard licensing agreements covering allowed usage of Windows source code.

How to Enroll

ESLP Licensee Commitment

In exchange for obtaining access to one of Microsoft's most valuable intellectual property assets, licensees in the ESLP are required to treat that Microsoft intellectual property confidentially.


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact