What is societal resilience?

We are building a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation to help society be more resilient today and in the future. Discover the stories of the people and ideas that are helping us tackle these big challenges.

What does it mean to be ready and resilient?

We are addressing the existential threats through new technology innovations that can be rapidly deployed at scale and adapted to address future uncertainties, to emerge more resilient.

Build adaptable technology

Building a toolbox of open technologies that can be rapidly combined and deployed during times of need. Enhanced by data and made to be reusable, these technologies enable meaningful solutions for organizations and communities to react quickly across crises.

Collaborate across boundaries

Finding solutions to societal-level problems requires collaboration across governments, businesses, technology, and community-based organizations to address the complex challenges unique to each global crisis.

Co-designing with communities

Taking a community-first approach that values long term partnerships to fully understand the challenges they face, co-design equitable solutions and understand the impacts over time to adjust and empower other communities.