SharePoint Virtual Summit

Catch up on all of the news and announcements from the 2019 SharePoint Virtual Summit

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An overview of Microsoft Teams

Karuana Gatimu, Adam Harmetz

Azure Site Recovery For SharePoint

Eric Harlan

Best practices and what’s new for managing Office 365 Groups

Mike McLean

Building engaging business solutions for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint using SPFx and more

Luca Bandinelli, Yuri Dogandjiev

A look behind the scenes on how we secure Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Matt Swann, Jeff McDowell

Designing your intranet architecture: Hubs, branding, and site designs

Melissa Torres, Denise Trabona

Build your modern intranet with SharePoint communication sites today

David Feldman, Nicole Rojas, Jacqueline Fourchy

Driving end user adoption and value realization of OneDrive in your organization

Matt Wolodarsky, Ankita Kirti

Empowering business users with flexible SharePoint customization

David Feldman, D'Arce Hess, Bob German

External sharing and collaboration in OneDrive and SharePoint

Stephen Rice, Catherine Feldman

Files Restore in SharePoint and OneDrive

Marc Windle

Collaboration Sweet Spot: Good Strategy Can Make Your Migration to SP, Teams & Yammer a Non-Event

Lance Yoder, David Kendrick, John Moore

Flowverload: The Worlds Greatest intro to Microsoft Flow

Sunay Vaishnav

Get started with multi-geo scenarios with SharePoint and OneDrive

Sesha Mani, Adriana Wood

Getting started with SharePoint team sites

Tejas Mehta, Miceile Barrett

Hosting and Managing Live Events in Yammer

Kasia Krzoska, Michael Holste

How Microsoft leadership stays connected to their employees with Yammer

Angus Florance, Jessica Silliman Hooton

How to start using the full power of SharePoint lists

Miceile Barrett, Lincoln DeMaris

Integrate OneDrive and SharePoint files, collaboration and sharing using Microsoft Graph

Jeremy Kelley

Introduction to Microsoft Stream: Engage and inform your organization with intelligent video

Christina Torok, Saili Raje

IT Pros, Get Relevant! Upskilling for today's cloud

Brian Lalancette, Nik Charlebois

Kick-start your development with SP Developer Community (PnP) open-source projects and assets

Vesa Juvonen

Live on stage: build an employee engagement experience with Yammer, SharePoint & Stream

Andy Haon, Vishal Sood, Jason Mayans, DC Padur

Make your content smarter: SharePoint + Azure

Naomi Moneypenny

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Karuana Gatimu, Matt Wolodarsky, Mike Hollinshead

Microsoft OneDrive deployment deep dive

Tony East, Carter Green

OneDrive On The Go: Mobile Experience

Jackson Cowan, Nick McCardel

Performance in the Cloud: Delivering state-of-the-art performance in SharePoint Online

Shyam Narayan, Akanksha Rakesh

Practical use cases for Microsoft Teams

Liz Sundet

Reach large audiences with immersive video and interactive discussion using Microsoft 365 live events

Christina Torok

Rethinking reliability & health for sync

Gaia Carini

Rolling out Microsoft 365 with Yammer

Sameer Sitaram, Dean Swann

Securing, Governing, and Protecting Your Office 365 Investments

Chris Bortlik

SharePoint Architecture Behind the Scenes

Zach Rosenfield, Roger Gu

SharePoint Framework Deep Dive

Luca Bandinell, John Nguyen

SharePoint modern pages and news: Deep dive for power users

Rachel Lambert, John Sanders

Taking your SharePoint to the next level – Transforming Existing Sites to the Modern Experiences

Daniel Kogan, Bert Jansen

Teamwork governance - securely share, manage and protect content and collaboration

Daniel Kogan, Bert Jansen

The Intelligent Workplace

Jeff Teper, Seth Patton, Kevin Schramm

The Microsoft 365 Platform: A Developer’s Tour

Mike Ammerlaan

Transform how your organization uses video with Microsoft Stream live events, mobile and integrations across Office 365

Dwyane George Marc Mroz

Transform the intranet with innovations for news, sites and portals

Brad McCabe, Dave Cohen, Debjani Mitra, Nicole Woon

Turbo charge your Portals & Apps: How to build blazing fast portals and apps on SharePoint Online

Cathy Dew, Shyam Narayan

Under the hood in Microsoft Stream: Admin capabilites and architecture deep dive

Vishal Sood, Cory Cirrincione, Marc Mroz, Ignacio Davila

Use Microsoft Graph to integrate data and services to your business applications

Jeremy Thake

What’s new and what's next: SharePoint team sites and integration with Teams

Niket Jain, Mark Kashman

What’s new in Security & Compliance in SharePoint & OneDrive – Labels and more

Sesha Mani, Jeff McDowell

What’s new to accelerate your migration to SharePoint and OneDrive

Annie Wu, Hani Loza

What's new and what's next: Content services (ECM)

Sean Squires, Chris McNulty

What's new and what's next: Microsoft Kaizala

Heather Gordon, Patrick Guimonet

What's new and what's next: Microsoft OneDrive

Mark Kashman, Randy Wong, Lauren Khoo

What's new and what's next: Microsoft Search

Bernhard Kohlmeier, Kathrine Hammervold, Kerem Yuceturk, Bill Baer

What's new and what's next: SharePoint administration

Trent Green, Dieter Jansen

What's new and what's next: SharePoint development for enterprises

Vesa Juvonen, Cathy Dew, Luca Bandinelli

What's new and what's next: Transforming processes with SharePoint, PowerApps & Flow

Chakkaradeep (Chaks) Chinnakonda Chandran, Chris McNulty

What's new and what's next: Yammer

Steve Nguyen, Jason Mayans, Murali Sitaram

What's new for you and driving adoption of file collaboration with Office, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

Olga Dalecka, Ankita Kirti, Kallie Bracken

Yammer Trust and Compliance Deep Dive

Keith Chambers, Sameer Sitaram