Accelerate data integration

Attunity Replicate offers fast set up and streamlined loading from a wide variety of sources for the Microsoft Analytics Platform System. It empowers Analytics Platform System users, allowing them to quickly integrate data from heterogeneous data sources and maintain the changed data continuously.

In-database analytics and data prep

Dell Statistica’s advanced analytics platform helps you to leverage your Analytics Platform System appliance to its full potential. Simply drag-and-drop the in-database data preparation and analytics nodes within your analytics workflow and you will be delivering valuable insights from your big data in no time.

Load data fast

With BI.Loader you have a unique load tool for Analytics Platform System and SQL server. It facilitates a simple, cross-architectural loading process which operates at top speed without sacrificing the comfort of ETL processes.

Enterprise risk management

Prometeia, a European financial consultant risk management solution provider, migrated its Enterprise Risk Management Analytical Suite to Analytics Platform System to reduce critical phases of the analysis process and speed risk analysis from four hours to eight minutes and improve breakdown capabilities.

Multi-channel campaign management

RedPoint InteractionTM provides multi-channel campaign management that leverages the performance of Analytics Platform System. In addition, Analytics Platform System enables marketers using RPI to manage and utilize both structured and unstructured data to deliver highly personalized and contextual communications to drive superior customer engagement.

Data management

RedPoint Data ManagementTM offers fast ETL/ELT, data quality, customer data integration and master key management for Analytics Platform System. RedPoint provides all of the functionality needed to curate and expand the value of your data assets with an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface.

BI solution for healthcare

Data-Driven Decisions, a Sogeti healthcare solution, assimilates disparate data into meaningful business insight using a self-service approach. Leveraging Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System, Power BI and Azure, Sogeti’s solution is optimized for HP’s tablet devices and Converged System 300.

Data-Driven Decisions for retail

Analytic models embedded in separate systems can fragment information and make it difficult to gain valuable insight. Sogeti helps retail organizations leverage the latest innovations to identify customer behavior across all channels and provide predictive guidance.

Performance Advisor

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Microsoft Analytics Platform System delivers real-time and historical views of the most pertinent performance metrics, allowing customers to see performance trends, and easily access more detailed information for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. Performance Advisor allows viewing of performance data for any point in time or date range.

Accelerate migration of existing data warehouse

Varigence is the creator of Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) and the Mist IDE. With Biml and Mist you can automate the migration of your existing data warehouse and SSIS packages to Analytics Platform System or automatically generate new Analytics Platform System data warehouse assets that conform to your own patterns and practices.

Get to value faster with data warehouse automation

Deliver business value faster from your Microsoft Analytics Platform System appliance with data warehouse automation software from WhereScape. WhereScape RED provides organizations with a seamless, end-to-end experience for quickly building, maintaining, and automating data warehouses and big data solutions – saving time, money and reducing risk.

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