A Growing Family of Solutions by HP and Microsoft

HP and Microsoft have partnered for more than year to jointly deliver optimized hardware and software solutions never seen before with SQL Server and a hardware vendor. HP and Microsoft engineers have worked together for months optimizing new solutions for data warehousing, BI and database consolidation.

Today we are proud to announce two new additions to the Microsoft portfolio:

  1. HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance, Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2” an appliance optimized for data warehouses up to 5TB, and
  2. HP Database Consolidation Solution, Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2”, a new reference architecture of Hyper-V and SQL Server to help customers get very high performance database consolidation solutions


The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance is a tightly integrated, pre-installed solution for small and medium sized data warehouses, recommended up to 5TB. This solution is fully compliant with our family of Data Warehouse Fast Track solutions. The solution runs a highly optimized installation of SQL Server Enterprise, with additional tuning, and management tools specifically created for the appliance. This solution is recommended for customers looking for:

·         A high performance Data Warehouse, optimized for energy efficiency and lower cost    

·         100% compatibility with SQL Server, running on HP hardware

·         Can be deployed in minutes and is

·         Pre-installed and tuned with all the hardware, software and management tools for instant use after unpacking

The reference architecture will help customers rapidly deploy a server rack that can support hundreds of database workloads in virtual machines, and run SQL Server in a Private Cloud
. The solution is best suited for customers looking to:

·         Consolidate hundreds of database servers, with no upgrading or updating the database (migrated via virtualization)

·         Deploy SQL Server with the full benefits of private cloud — elasticity, resource pooling, self-service, and control and is pre-installed and tuned with all the hardware and software

·         Optimize high performing database workloads. Our engineers analyzed hundreds of real life SQL Server instances, to ensure that hundreds of SQL Server instances could run on each rack, with an optimum mix of CPU, memory, and IO, to ensure the optimal level of performance. We found that generic hardware configurations did not have any of the hi IOPs required to sustain large numbers of database workloads

·         Start reaping the benefits of running SQL Server in a Private Cloud, offering elasticity, self-service, and resource pooling, through tight integration of Hyper-V, System Center and SQL Server.

Please visit http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/us/en/partners/microsoft-business-data-warehouse-solution.html for more information.

Combined, these solutions grow our family of joint HP and Microsoft appliances and reference architectures including:

·         HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance. Optimized for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, for high performing Data Warehouses 50TB+

·         HP Business Decision Appliance, a managed self-service BI solution optimized for SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010

·         Data Warehouse Fast Track solutions from HP, reference architectures from medium sized to very large data warehouses (5TB to 50TB)

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Bernardo Zamora
Group Product Manager,
SQL Server

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