Last Chance to Add to the #SQLFamily

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been asking you to submit stories about how the #SQLFamily gives back to you. In exchange for each submission we’ve received, we’ll be donating $50 to the Pragmatic Works Foundation to provide SQL training to veterans, the jobless and the underemployed.

Tomorrow is your last chance to submit! Our goal is to reach 400 submissions, which would be a $20,000 donation, but we still need your help to make it.

You can submit your story in one of three ways:

  1. Email your story to
  2. Send a tweet to @SQLServer using the #SQLFamily hashtag
  3. Post to our Facebook wall and begin your post with “The SQL Family…”

So submitting is really as simple as sending a tweet our way, commenting on our Facebook wall or shooting us a quick email.

To help give some inspiration, we thought we’d share a few of the more interesting and heartfelt posts we’ve received:

Meme Monday: What #SQLFamily Means to Me
(originally a part of the #mememonday, was submitted via email)
By Doug Lane (blog | twitter)

“My thoughts on #SQLFamily in haiku form:
Family of friends
bound by passion, vision, love.
Success is cheered on.”

SQL Family in Action
By Yanni Robel (blog | twitter)

“I’m telling you what.   These group of people – they are my professional peer.   They are not the friends I grew up, or my blood family.  We know each other because we have the same passion about the same technology and in this community, the SQL community, we took it to the next level.   We are not just ‘peer’.   We are family.   We helped each other in so many ways.   Today, a handful member of this community were there for me when I was told that I might not be able to run the marathon that I’ve been training for 4 months.   They were there when I broke down in tears, devastated and angry.    Yes, they were virtually there via my laptop – but they were there with me.   They took the time from their busy day, on this h0liday season to login to Google Hangout and be with me.”

What #SQLFamily means to me.
By Justin Dearing (twitter)

“I hung my head in shame for about a week while fretting over what to do because I knew right away I was the offender. Eventually I decided to simply send an email to Paul saying I realized I was the one that offended him and apologizing. He accepted the apology and sent me the sticker. Like a functional family, when forgiveness was sought it was quickly given, the incident was forgotten, and I’d like to think I’ve been a little more polite and considerate both on and off the internet as a result.”

Please remember that submissions are due prior to 11:59pm PST tomorrow! Let’s make sure we can add 400 more members to our #SQLFamily.

The SQL Server Team