The Fantastic 12 of 2012: Behind the Scenes of Creating “Extend Any Data, Anywhere”

The Fantastic 12 of 2012 contest is over, but we have one last episode for you! In this last chapter, we interview Sudhesh Suresh, Senior Program Manager on the SQL Team. Sudhesh shares with us the development of SQL Azure DataSync, the feature that lets you sync databases from on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud. While Sudhesh’s team thought through multiple scenarios using this tool, an interesting use-case happened when customers started using it for themselves. Watch the final Fantastic 12 of SQL 2012 video and see what it was!


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Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012

12 Extend Any Data, Anywhere

Extend the reach of data most anywhere across server

Complete data management

  • Support for Any Data: Manage and extend relational and non-relational data including XML data, Windows files, and spatial information.

Enhanced search functionality

  • Statistical Semantic Full-Text Search: Enable T-SQL developers to bring deep insight to the organization within non-structured data files stored in the SQL Server database by uncovering previously undiscovered relationships across stored files.

Seamlessly extend data

  • OData: Provide a consistent and open data-feed to power multiple user experiences across the web, devices and desktop with OData, an open protocol built on widely used web standards.
  • SQL Azure DataMarket: Monetize accumulated data by publishing data for purchase and consumption by other entities
  • Enhanced interop support: Extend heterogeneous environments by connecting to SQL Server and SQL Azure applications using any industry standard APIs (ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PDO, and ADO) across varied platforms including .NET, C/C++, Java, and PHP.

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