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Azure Data Community

Welcome to the Azure Data Community, where you’ll find user groups and resources related to SQL Server, Azure Data, and diversity and inclusion.

Explore these resources to connect with the community, expand your skills, and grow in your career.

Explore community resources

Find community resources related to data from all environments—including edge, on-premises, cloud, and multicloud.

Azure Databases Tech Community

SQL Server Tech Community

Data Architecture Community

Database Administrators StackExchange




EightKB SQL Server Internals Conference

Data Exposed: MVP Edition

SQL Friday

DataGrillen Events

Daniel Hutmacher

Explore SQL Server best practices, development tips, and performance-tuning guidance based on the author’s work in the field.

Erwin de Kreuk

Learn about Azure Data Services in this personal blog, which focuses on Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, and Microsoft Purview.

Andy Cutler

Explore a range of topics—including Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Factory, Data Lake, and Power BI—in Serverless SQL, a data community blog.

Jungsun Kim

Read this Korean blog for info about SQL Server news, seminars, lectures, videos, and other Korean SQL Community activities.

Luiz Santana

Check out this Brazilian Portuguese blog to expand your knowledge about databases, Microsoft certifications for the data area, SQL/T-SQL language, Microsoft data technologies, business intelligence, cloud technologies, career tips, and mentoring.

Javier Villegas

Discover SQL Server tips, tricks, and updates in this Spanish blog.

Hasan Savran

Learn about everything from SQL Server to Azure Cosmos DB in this well-rounded blog for the data professional.

Kenneth Fisher

Explore study and reference materials, free scripts, and a variety of SQL Server info.

Meagan Longoria

Expand your knowledge with this collection of interesting tips, links, and experiences in data warehousing and analytics on the Microsoft data platform—all written by experienced consultant and Microsoft MVP Meagan Longoria.

Rob Farley

Explore opinion pieces and technical posts from a team of Microsoft data platform experts.

Taiob Ali

Read posts about SQL services beyond GUI.

Wolfgang Strasser

Browse this personal blog for topics related to the Microsoft data platform and Power BI.

Raw Data Podcast

Hosted by former Microsoft product manager Rob Collie, this podcast explores unique and often accidental tech journeys and career paths.

Tales from the Field

Listen to this web show created by, for, and about the Azure Data Community. We host two weekly live shows—featuring interviews with Microsoft experts, MVPs, and round tables—and highlight content directly from the community. Our channel also includes videos to help you understand concepts around Azure Data.

Finding (Data) Friends

Finding (Data) Friends is a podcast where Data Platform MVPs Jess Pomfret and Ben Weissman chat with different members of the Data Community about their favorite data thing and their favorite non-data thing to connect and we all get to know them better.

SQL Server Radio with Guy Glantser and Eitan Blumin

Discover a podcast for SQL Server DBAs, database developers, architects, system administrators, and anyone else who’s interested in the SQL Server platform. This show adds another platform of knowledge sharing to the already strong SQL Server community.

SQL Down Under with Greg Low

Listen to a podcast for SQL Server professionals. In each show, Microsoft MVP and RD Greg Low interviews a well-known identity from the SQL Server or data communities.

RunAsRadio with Richard Campbell

RunAs Radio is a weekly podcast for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products. Each 30-minute episode covers a specific topic in the field of IT from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint.

Knee-Deep in Tech

Learn about IT and technology topics, with a focus on the Microsoft stack, in this podcast hosted by three Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and MVPs with more than 35 years of IT infrastructure experience between them.

Totally Skewed

Discover the podcast devoted to everything data and AI. Get an opinionated view of the state of tech and find out if we’re, indeed, totally skewed.

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Explore data community events

Discover Microsoft resources

Expand your knowledge with valuable resources from Microsoft.

SQL Server and Azure Databases Tech Communities

Connect with Microsoft Engineering and other members of the community on message boards and access additional resources.

SQL Server and Azure SQL Labs and Workshops

Get hands-on experience with SQL Server and Azure SQL with labs and workshops created by Microsoft Engineering, hosted on GitHub.

SQL Server 2022 Data Sheet

Get an overview of what’s new in SQL Server 2022 including Azure-enabled governance, analytics, and disaster recover, enhanced security and accelerated query performance.

What’s new in SQL Server 2022 Mechanics Video

Bob Ward covers the latest features of SQL Server 2022 including Azure-enablement, and next-generation built-in query intelligence with parameter sensitive plan optimization.

SQL Server 2022 Announcement Blog

Check out the blog post announcing the SQL Server 2022 general availability by Peter Carlin, Microsoft CVP, Azure Database Services, to learn about the innovations and enhancements of this release.

Data Exposed Series on SQL Server 2022

Join Anna Hoffman and SQL Server 2022 engineering leaders as they explore the features and benefits you can look forward to in this latest release.

Develop on SQL Server

Get started with Microsoft developer tools and technologies. Explore the latest SQL Server tutorials, quick starts, code examples, and other learning resources.

SQL Server and Azure Databases Tech Communities

Connect with Microsoft Engineering and other members of the community on message boards and access additional resources.

Develop on Azure SQL

Get started with Microsoft developer tools and technologies. Explore our samples and discover the things you can build.

SQL Server and Azure SQL Labs and Workshops

Get hands-on experience with SQL Server and Azure SQL with labs and workshops created by Microsoft Engineering, hosted on GitHub.

Professional Azure SQL Managed Database Administration

Get the free technical implementation guide for Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance on how to deploy, configure, and modernize your existing applications with Azure SQL.

IT Resource Kit: Get started with Azure SQL

Get resources and information you need to start your SQL Server migration. Utilize your existing on-premises SQL Server skills and plan your successful deployment to Azure SQL with this resource kit.

Azure SQL for beginners

View the Azure SQL for beginners YouTube series. Modules include Introduction to Azure, Deploy and Configure, Security, Performance, Availability, and Putting It All Together.

Azure SQL Bootcamp

Tune in for four days of interactive Azure SQL learning with Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward. Get your Azure SQL questions answered, learn to solve real-world scenarios, and more in this free workshop.

Azure SQL Fundamentals

Learn how to translate your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL including Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL managed instance.

Azure Cosmos DB Live

Join Azure Cosmos DB product managers and partners for a weekly webcast on new features, tips, and tricks, and more.

Find Azure Cosmos DB Community Resources

Visit the Azure Cosmos DB Community page to see all the resources available to developers looking to get started using Azure Cosmos DB. Find links to our social channels, forums to ask questions, samples, SDKs, and user groups.

Learn Azure Cosmos DB from the experts

Learn how to use Azure Cosmos DB by watching community experts walk through our latest learning content in Learn Live series. Access more than 30 lab modules and follow along while you watch. Gain hands-on experience with no Azure subscription required.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty

Demonstrate your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring cloud-native applications that store and manage data including developing apps and solutions working with Azure and Azure Cosmos DB.

How it works: Azure Arc-enabled data services

Learn how to bring Azure services on-premises in just five steps with Azure Arc. This architecture guide walks you through the steps to bring Azure manageability, innovation, and security to your hybrid estate.

Azure Arc Jumpstart: Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server

Explore these deployment scenarios to walk through deploying and working with Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server.

Get started with Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server

Learn how to manage, secure, and govern your SQL Server estate from Azure.

Data Exposed

In this episode of Data Exposed, learn about the new Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance Landing Zone Accelerator.

Microsoft Learn

Start your free learning journey with Azure Arc.

Azure Arc Jumpstart: Azure Arc-enabled data services

Get guidance for deploying and working with Azure Arc-enabled data services on multiple infrastructure platforms with a range of deployment scenarios.

Introduction to Azure Arc-enabled Data Services

Azure Arc-enabled data services are designed to make it possible to run Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI and Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL on any infrastructure using the power of Kubernetes.

Azure Synapse at Microsoft Q&A

Azure Synapse Blog

Check out the Azure Synapse blog for technical articles and the latest updates.

Azure Synapse Monthly Updates

Keep up to date with Azure Synapse developments in this monthly blog series.

Azure Synapse YouTube Channel

Watch this series of short videos to learn what Azure Synapse is and discover how to use it for data analytics.

Azure Synapse at Microsoft Q&A

Connect with Microsoft Engineering and other members of the community to get answers to your Azure Synapse related questions.

Get started with Azure Synapse in 60 minutes

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to get started with your first analytics project using Azure Synapse.

Azure Synapse Analytics Toolkit

Download this toolkit to access a collection of technical resources about Azure Synapse and start gaining valuable insights faster.

Become Azure Synapse Practitioner

Take the 30-day Azure Synapse skills challenge and find more resources to learn Azure Synapse.

Azure Synapse on Microsoft Learn

Browse free online learning paths on Microsoft Learn and learn Azure Synapse on your own schedule, at your own pace, and in your own place.

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Diversity and inclusion resources

Microsoft Inclusion Journey

Gain insights about how to drive systemic and individual change, listen to reflections about our journey so far, hear stories from our communities, and commit to the work still to come.

Diversity – Beyond Microsoft

Learn how to foster collective movement toward greater diversity and inclusion through actions and partnerships.

Humans of IT - Tech Community

Learn how to achieve more by humanizing tech.

General Questions

  • Azure Data includes SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Arc enabled data services, Azure data governance, and other data-related Azure services.

  • Please fill out this survey.

  • Please contact the Azure Data Community team by filling out this survey.

  • You must have at least one group leader and one designated co-leader.

  • Both the leader and designated co-leader must sign and accept the T&Cs.

  • Group leaders may not charge other members a fee to attend group meetings, except in cases in which the venue and/or hosting costs (e.g., food and beverages) are passed through to members.

  • Yes, Groups must maintain a published code of conduct that is easily accessible from the group’s home page. See guidance.

  • You must maintain a regular meeting cadence including having meetings at least SIX (6) times per year.

  • At least half of your meetings must relate to or cover Azure Data products & services or relate to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) or Professional Development targeted to data professionals.

    • SQL Server (on Windows, Linux, and in Containers, on-premises and in Microsoft Azure)
    • Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Azure Data Catalog
    • Azure Data Lake
    • Azure Database for MySQL
    • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
    • Azure Databricks
    • Azure HDInsight, Hadoop, and Spark on Azure
    • Azure Purview
    • Azure Search
    • Azure SQL (Database, Pools, Serverless, Hyperscale, Managed Instance, Virtual Machines)
    • Azure SQL Edge
    • Azure Stream Analytics
    • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Big Data Clusters
    • Cortana Intelligence Suite
    • Data Warehousing (Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Fast Track and APS)
    • Information Management (ADF, SSIS, and Data Sync)
    • SQL Server Machine Learning Services
    • SQL Server Reporting Services and Analysis Services
  • Yes, all groups must comply with the program's Code of Conduct. See CoC.

  • All groups must adhere to Microsoft’s Trademark and Brand guidelines, when using any Microsoft trademarks or referring to Microsoft’s software, products, or services. See guidelines.

  • You may choose to remove the group from the program at any time by referencing the information here. If the group leaves the program, it will no longer receive related communications from Microsoft and no longer have access to benefits.

  • You may stop being the group leader, or may make leadership changes at any time by providing Microsoft with at least 14 days’ written notice, via email at In order for the group to continue as part of the program without suspension, the notification to Microsoft must identify the new group leader or co-leader.

  • Your participation in the program does not create a partnership, agency, or employer-employee relationship with Microsoft or any of its suppliers. Neither you nor the group will make any statements on behalf of Microsoft or its suppliers about Microsoft or its suppliers, or any of Microsoft’s or its suppliers’ products or services.

  • Yes. Failure to meet any of the program requirements throughout the duration of the group’s participation may result in the group’s removal from the program. We may also remove the group or suspend the group’s participation in the program at any time if we suspect that the group has violated any of these T&Cs. Unless Microsoft believes an immediate suspension is required, Microsoft will provide you with reasonable notice before removing the group from the program.

    Prohibited Uses

    You or the group will not use the program:

    1. To try to gain unauthorized access to or disrupt any Microsoft or third-party service, device, data, account, or network.
    2. To financially enrich yourself, any member of the group, or any third party.
    3. In a way prohibited by law, regulation, governmental order, or decree.
  • If you would like to remove your group from the Azure Tech Groups program, you can initiate that process by emailing By withdrawing from the program, all program benefits and communications for your group will be terminated.

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