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SQL Server 2017: Security on Linux

SQL Server has been the most secure database for the last 7 years in a row.  In this session, we'll cover how SQL Server 2017 will continue to provide unparalleled security and features which application developers can use to build secure, intelligent applications.

PRESENTED BY: Tommy Mullaney

Build globally-scaled mobile apps in minutes

Hyper scale Azure simplifies building globally distributed, limitless scale mobile applications, with DocumentDB and MongoDB API. With built in geo-replication, guaranteed low latency, enterprise grade SLA and mobile application development with Xamarin and .Net core, developers can build applications in minutes and leave all the heavy lifting of scale and management to Azure DocumentDB.

PRESENTED BY: Kirill Gavrylyuk

What is new with Azure Machine Learning

In this session, learn how you can transform your key business scenarios with Azure Machine Learning. You’ll learn how to get started by easily building your own custom model, training and deploying it as a simple web service. We’ll also cover how to quickly create Cortana Intelligence Solutions from preconfigured solutions, reference architectures, and design patterns thanks to the Cortana Intelligence gallery.


Building an intelligent Bot

Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Services represent Microsoft’s “conversations” platform. In this session, learn how to create a new way to interact with your users and to transform your business, by adding this new interaction layer, with these developer tools to help you creating intelligent agents. Go build your own Bot!


Transform healthcare with advanced analytics solutions

In this session, learn how you can transform key healthcare scenarios such as hospital length of stay prediction and patient care analytics with intelligent solutions from Microsoft and our partners.

PRESENTED BY: Todd Bergeson

Adding intelligence to your applications using big data at scale

Azure Data Lake Analytics makes it easy to give your big data processing more intelligence by taking advantage of the integrated, cognitive capabilities of U-SQL.

PRESENTED BY: Saveen Reddy

SQL Server 2017: HA and DR on Linux presented by Mihaela Blendea

SQL Server on Windows today is built on Windows Server failover cluster for high availability and disaster recovery. In this session, we'll show how SQL Server 2017 running on Linux meets the most demanding requirements for high availability using technology that is trusted and familiar for Linux users.

PRESENTED BY: Mihaela Blendea

SQL Server Virtual Machines: Getting Started

In this session we'll show how to get started running SQL Server on Azure VM.


Developing Xamarin based data-driven intelligent applications using Azure Data Services (ADS)

Requirements of modern apps have driven the industry to use a broad range of technologies for storing data within an app. Azure provides storage technologies that support these architectures. This session demonstrates how to use these in the SaaS application scenario. With Azure Database Services, you can quickly design, deploy, and manage apps that are highly available, secure, and scalable. You will learn how to develop a persistent data pattern common to modern cloud-hosted apps using Xamarin.

PRESENTED BY: Tara Shankar Jana

Enterprise-ready Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Sign up now for an extended free trial and get started with SQL Data Warehouse on Azure.


Developing applications with SQL Server 2017 (Linux), Entity Framework, DevOps and Azure

It’s the SQL Server as you already know it today, but it’s now native to Linux.  It works with your data, your favorite tools, application frameworks (EF) and programming languages. In this session, we will pull the code for an application running in cloud to a Linux based machine. Test and enhance the application for performance (using EF, In-memory) and security against SQL Server 2017 (Linux) . Re-deploy back the changes using Devops to Azure with just a flip to show how the application works across platforms, on-prem and in the cloud. Best part, all of it will be done in 10 minutes.

PRESENTED BY: Tara Shankar Jana

SQL Server 2017: Advanced Analytics with Python

In this session you will learn how SQL Server 2017 takes in-database analytics to the next level with support for both Python and R; delivering unparalleled scalability and speed with new deep learning algorithms built in.

PRESENTED BY: Sumit Kumar and Vijay Jayaseelan

SQL Server 2017: Building applications using graph data

Graph extensions in SQL Server 2017 will facilitate users in linking different pieces of connected data to help gather powerful insights and increase operational agility. Graphs are well suited for applications where relationships are important, such as fraud detection, risk management, social networks, recommendation engines, predictive analysis, dependence analysis, and IoT applications. In this session we will demonstrate how you can use SQL Graph extensions to build your application using graph data.

PRESENTED BY: Shreya Verma

SQL Server 2017: What is New in the Database Engine?

Find out what's new in the database engine including support for SQL Server 2017 across Windows, Linux, and Docker containers. You will also hear about new features including adaptive query processing, in-memory improvements, as well as other enhancements.

PRESENTED BY: Travis Wright

Overview of Microsoft Machine Language R package

Bringing the new advanced analytics, machine learning libraries into Hadoop/Spark and Linux extending the Microsoft R footprint beyond SQL Server R Services.

PRESENTED BY: Gleb Krivosheev and Yunling Wang

Get started developing apps with SQL Server 2017 running on Linux

In this short video we will walk you through everything you should know as a developer: the acquisition and installation process, the connectors: node, .net, php, and key management tools.

PRESENTED BY: David Salgado

Accelerate your journey to advanced analytics solutions

The new advanced analytics solution templates from Microsoft allow you to get started with transformative business scenarios with ease.

PRESENTED BY: Kuber Sharma

Get started with Azure Analysis Services

The video will showcase how you can get started with Azure Analysis Service to model, analyze, and deliver business insights to business users on mobile devices, on the web or embedded in apps.


What's new in R Server 9.1 and SQL R Services

The video will showcase increased focus on performance in SQL Server 2016 as a scoring engine and machine learning libraries available across all the platforms.

PRESENTED BY: Nagesh Pabbisetty

Transform retail with Advanced Analytics solutions

In this session, learn how you can transform key retail scenarios such as Personalization and Demand Forecasting with intelligent solutions from Microsoft and our partners.

PRESENTED BY: Esther Christoffersen

Big data that is easy and productive with Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake removes the frustration and confusion in getting started with big data. You can be productive with big data in just a few minutes.

PRESENTED BY: Saveen Reddy

Transform traditional data warehouse with cloud and big data

Data is the new electricity, and it's intelligence, derived from data, that's helping companies, big and small, transform. The most digitally transformed businesses generate on an average $100 million in additional operating income each year! In this session you will learn how you can transform your business using Microsoft’s Data Warehousing and Big Data solution.


SQL Server 2017: Adaptive query processing

Microsoft is introducing a new family of adaptive query processing improvements that will enhance the performance of workloads that have historically been difficult to tune through classic methodologies.  In this session we will discuss new improvements, including interleaved execution for multi-statement table valued functions, batch-mode execution adaptive joins, and batch-mode memory grant feedback.


Make your apps faster and more secure in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Standard and Express Edition

SQL Server 2016 SP1 is much more than a typical service pack.  Many of the high performance and security features that application developers can use to make their apps faster and more secure are now available in Standard and Express Editions.  This makes it easier for application developers to build applications using these features and then allow the application's customers or ops teams to choose the appropriate SQL Server Edition based on the operational and perf/scale requirements.  In this session, we'll go over how to leverage these features to make your app faster and more secure.

PRESENTED BY: Travis Wright

The app developer's managed cloud database (overview)

See how to use relational Database-as-a-Service for your applications.

PRESENTED BY: Lindsey Allen

Transform manufacturing with Advanced Analytics solutions

In this session, learn how you can transform key manufacturing scenarios such as Quality Assurance and Inventory Optimization with intelligent solutions from Microsoft and our partners.

PRESENTED BY: Colin Masson

SQL Server 2017: BI enhancements

In this video, we discuss the new Analysis Services features in SQL Server 2017. We will cover Power Query connectivity, modeling enhancements such as Detail Rows allowing users to easily see transactional records, and improved support for ragged hierarchies.

PRESENTED BY: Christian Wade

Breakthrough performance with SQL Server for data warehousing (new RAs)

SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) - certified reference architectures (RA's) that are guaranteed to perform against data warehousing workloads from a few terabytes to 100's of terabytes. With DWFT, customers are able to quickly and efficiently load, store, analyze, visualize and publish their valuable data, all from a single trustworthy and fast data platform. Find out why our data warehousing capabilities have earned SQL Server the #1 TPC-H benchmark!

PRESENTED BY: Jamie Reding

Enable applications to beat the speed of light with planet-scale DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed, planet-scale NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. With 4 9’s of SLA for availability, latency, performance and consistency, DocumentDB is well suited for large scale tier1 applications and enterprise solutions. In this session, we will cover how DocumentDB enables applications to achieve limitless scale and reach and how these unique benefits make DocumentDB a great fit for web, mobile, gaming, and IoT, and many other applications that need seamless scale and global replication.


Transforming customer care with Business Analytics and AI

In this session, we present Cortana Intelligence and the  intelligent services such as Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, and the business values it provides for industries. There will also be a state of the art demo on advanced customer care using Azure Bots and CRM.

PRESENTED BY: Seayoung Rhee and Giampaolo Battaglia

Deploy an intelligent solution with solution templates

In this session, we provide an overview of how you can get started with the new Microsoft advanced analytics solution templates, add your own data sets and deploy a fully functional architecture within your Azure account.

PRESENTED BY: Sachin Chouksey

Build intelligence into your apps with SQL Server 2016

Predictive modeling is a powerful way to add intelligence to your application. It enables applications to predict outcomes against new data. But being able to create a predictive model does not automatically make your app intelligent. You have to be able to consume your models within your application. SQL Server R Services is a platform that enables you to operationalize your R code so that you can consume intelligence from any application. In this video, we'll go through how you can create a predictive model and operationalize with SQL Server R Services.

PRESENTED BY: Nellie Gustafsson

What’s new with Microsoft Cognitive Services

In this session, learn how Microsoft Cognitive Services can accelerate your digital transformation with AI enabled scenarios. You’ll learn how to get started by easily leveraging Rest APIs to make your apps smarter.


Top reasons to run SQL Server on Azure VM

In this session we'll discuss the top reasons to run SQL Server on Azure VM.

PRESENTED BY: Luis Vargas and Wynn Johnson

SQL Server 2017 Scale Out

SQL Server replication technology can provide extreme read scale. In this session we will cover how easy it is to set up and improve the speed of your applications.

PRESENTED BY: Mihaela Blendea and Travis Wright

Modernize your database infrastructure with DBaaS in Azure

Start to leverage benefits of modern data platform by migrating your SQL Server to Azure seamlessly.  An overview of tools and best practices that will get you to the driver seat of the modern database.

PRESENTED BY: Lindsey Allen and Murat Ozturan

Unleash your data from non-Microsoft data platforms

Leverage industry best practices and tools to migrate your non-Microsoft data platform seamlessly to modern data platform.  In this session, we will share with you real world examples of migrating your existing databases to modern data platform.

PRESENTED BY: Murat Ozturan

Empowering the global CFO with Business Analytics & AI (KPMG)

KPMG and Microsoft are working together to help our customers realize transformative value from their data while building trust and delivering meaningful insights. Learn more about the KPMG and Microsoft partnership for data analytics.

PRESENTED BY: Christian Rast

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