SQL Server R Services

Tablet screen with machine learning templates with SQL Server 2016 R Services.

Data-driven insights right from your database

Bring scalable, R-based analytics to where your data lives—directly inside your SQL Server 2016 database. Call R scripts with Transact-SQL stored procedures and simplify integration with applications while maintaining the security of your data.

Watch how to build intelligent applications


Scale and performance

Get big data results quickly using high-performance R analytics that require no additional servers or specialized hardware. Call R scripts and models through a standard T-SQL interface and compute billions of rows of data using in-database and parallelized processing.

Enterprise application integration

From extract, transform, and load (ETL) to serving results, seamless handoffs keep information flowing so results can be delivered to your enterprise applications for display, reporting, or further processing.

Secured and immediate

Gain new insights into your business while maintaining data security within your existing infrastructure. With SQL Server R Services, there’s no data movement, latency, fragmentation, or out-of-synch data snapshots.

Acceptance and adoption

Familiar interfaces allow database administrators to easily use T-SQL for reports and dashboards, as well as data scientists to use SQL Server integration services to tap existing ETL flows.

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