• 100 consecutive push ups
  • Six week training program
  • Statistics about your training
  • Achievements

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Reviewer 6085 · 7/25/2015
It works like it should

It gives you a fairly challenging regime to follow and ive seen a lot of improvement in my push ups since i started. I wish u could log part of a workout. Ive used my arms in other activities and gassed my muscles before doing a workout. So i couldn't get through all of it and i was bummed to see i couldn't log a failed attempt. Other than that i like the app

Bee · 6/15/2014
Could be BETTER!

Really doesn't teach you how to properly do push-up. Not a good app.

t · 5/7/2014

App asks how many push ups user can do and then lays out the rest of the program with no regard for fitness level, age, gender, and user experience. Of course most people will never be able to keep up with the program. There is zero science behind this ridiculous app, just a silly premise and - oh boy - a timer for rest periods between reps. Worth considerably less than its cost, don't waste your time.

Ryan · 7/7/2015

After only one week of using this trainer I have improved my weekly PST score. Thanks for a great app.

Reviewer 7325 · 5/4/2015
Love it!

I really use and enjoy this app. Ive tried a couple others and this one is the best match for me.

James · 3/12/2015
No BS app

Excellent value. Fast effective and quick

larry · 2/4/2015
Almost the perfect trainer

Excellent trainer. I just wish that we could override the pause between sets (shorten or lengthen it) , and go through the cycle at our own rate.

Patrick · 1/19/2015

Amazingly simple and easy to use. Which is exactly what I needed to get motivated again.

Brandon · 9/28/2014
Very helpful.

I'm in the military and I have been touch and go with sticking to my workout/fitness regimen. This app is easy and fun to use and there's no pressure to "hurry up" to get to the next step. Also, anytime that you find yourself "bored" at home, just do it.

Steve · 9/3/2014

A great way to build your push-up reps in a very short period of time. App walks you through every step, reps, time between, schedules your next push-up day, etc. Really handy and makes it easy to stay on schedule. Highly recommended.

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