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Philip · 8/6/2015

Does not sync with other versions, old amd unmaintained

Marcos · 5/17/2015

It's a long time without upgrade. Why can't sync my account. It only shows 8/467 items, why?

William J. · 4/22/2015

Forces Dropbox, on a windows phone and windows desktop Onedrive is integrated and way more safe. I love 1password its just not usable on my phone.

Levon · 12/26/2014

Just bought 1password on mac. This app wont sync with mac version. It won't find the sync file for dropbox. Anyhow, this was quite expensive with comparison to other password management softwares. Hence, please, provide a support equivalent to the price. Update!

User · 10/22/2014

Works fine. No problem syncing with drop box. Can get to my login info easily.

David · 7/4/2014

I use 1Password 4 on all my other devices. On Windows Phone 8.1: What 1Password 1.5 fore WP does do: syncs 1Password data and accurately displays password info What it doesn't do: pretty much everything else that other versions of 1Password can do This app desperately needs an update but at least you have view access to all your passwords. Copy/paste was hit and miss for me. I had a terrible time copying the full string of a password having symbols in it. And of course, no OneDrive support. Still, in my opinion it is functional enough to be worth using IF you use 1Password on all of your other devices. If not, there are far better password managers for Windows Phone.

Obamito · 6/17/2014

Worthless!!! You must use Dropbox, no Onedrive support. After you sync which you have to do several times and you want to view an entry, you are the require to enter the master password. But this does nothing and the entry remains lock and of course you are not able to view the details. Using Lumia 1520.

Vaidy · 8/31/2013

Very useful add-on for existing 1password customers, which I have been since '08. Wish the was more functional parity with iOS app.

Jack · 5/30/2013

Fantastic app, it finally does work. Great deploy team and support team. Five star you are deserved!!!

User · 5/18/2013

Decent instance of client, wish I could set a time out limit on auto lock of keychain.


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