• Folders with icons and colors to organize your tasks
  • Tasks with priorities, due dates, notes, reminders, recurrences
  • Advanced customization to better fit your needs
  • Sync across all your Windows devices!
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange, ToodleDo, Microsoft Account or the brand new 2Day Cloud
  • GTD (Getting Things Done) support (contexts, tags and start dates)
  • Speech recognition support
  • Quick-add feature

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Steven · 8/2/2015
Great Task & Exchange app...

There aren't many Tasks apps that sync with MS Exchange servers. This is one of the few that does and it does it in excellent fashion! Great clean UI, for those into GTD you have the ability to use "context" e.g., @Phone, @Errands, etc. You can go simple or drill down to a granular level with progress, notes and a lot more! The Win8.1 app is a great companion. With Win10 on my 7" tablet... the text is now too small, we need a way enlarge the left menu bar and task tiles. But still deserves the 5🌟

David · 7/26/2015

Outstanding universal app! I'm an Outlook desktop user, so 2day completes my list of must-have apps on WP. Beautiful design from opening icon through customization options. Great live tile with current tasks! And universal, so I can use it on my windows tablet. Thanks!

David · 7/16/2015

This is a really great app. One of the very best on Windows Phone, and the best task manager I've encountered on any OS. Should be on every phone. Easy to use, intuitive, easy to prioritize tasks. Good syncing with Outlook, good UI. Can"t fault it.

Debra · 7/10/2015

Works pretty good. Syncs between phone and desktop. Easily customizable for contexts and folders. Reliable reminders. I just wish that there was an easy way to print items from the desktop.

ilya · 7/13/2015
Great app!

I love pretty much everything about the app. Sync with Office 365, contexts, folders, etc. It's one of the best that I've ever tried. Plus, it's available on Windows Phone, so my tasks are always with me!

Brian R. · 7/6/2015

Excellent and versatile app! Tons of features, but still remains intuitive and easy to use! 635 Lumia

Andreas · 7/16/2015
Well thought functionality

Searching for years for an app that can handle my work-life tasks. I think I found the almost perfect one. Microsoft, please get him like the rest under your wings... :)

Reviewer 0326 · 6/4/2015
2 day

2 day is a comprehensive approach to scheduling and following your action items in a variety of ways. It is very practical and the best system I have used. I must follow actions of many people over multiple organizations.

Sandra · 5/27/2015

I'm always looking for a to-do list app that syncs between my SP3 and Lumia 1520. This app has some great features and was very promising. However, I both added and renamed folders on my PC and the changes did not sync with the phone. The tasks within the folders did, but not the folder names nor did the new folder show up on the phone. I tried deleting, reinstalling and resyncing, but no change. Update 5/27/15 - I gave it another shot. Deleting from both the SP3 and WP. Reinstalled on SP3 and set up the folders the way I wanted them. I also chose to sync via the 2Day server instead of my MS 365 account. All works well now. Still have to manually sync often to get all tasks coordinated on both devices, but I'm already addicted. I have not been able to get the voice command to trigger using my Jabra hands free in my van, but Cortana doesn't do well with it either.

Riccardo · 6/3/2015

Very good app...it would be a perfect companion if auto-sync gets implemented on windows phone.

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