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Jacob · 5/16/2015

Looks great and fancy but has a boatload of bugs and crashes quite often especially when viewing gifs and webms.

Derik · 9/22/2013

Unable to open certain threads incl. Photography board threads. Does not appear to be well coded as it cannot flip horizontal and header text cut off.

Derek · 4/25/2013

Decent, but it really needs a posting option. Also it could use a little cleaning up. There should be a little bit of space between threads. It'll make it a lot nicer looking. Looking forward for updates!

Thomas · 3/26/2015

Horrible. Can't post, viewing option is terrible. Not worth your time, avoid at all costs.

zack · 3/25/2015

F|_|ck this app it wont even load /w/ /b/ /h/ /e/ and f/u/cking /s/

Stefan · 9/27/2014

Nothing happens. Doesn't link to the site. Tried many times over the past week.

User · 9/18/2013

A lot of boards work but I added /b/ and doesn't load any threads

Will · 5/13/2013

Why so few boards? >_<

William · 8/5/2015

Why won't it browse HM? Also could be nice to be able to remove boards from the overview.

Rafael · 9/5/2014

Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't


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