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Update 5.5 - new design adapted to Windows 10 - improved search feature, you can now search places and search user/hashtags/places at the same time - press and hold the camera button in the application bar to directly select a file Update 5.3 - upload 1080x1080 images Update 5.2 - upload letterbox videos (add borders to not crop the video) - improve web links support - bugfixes Update 5.1.1 - you can now click on links in posts/comments/profile descriptions - improve the quality of images uploaded for avatar - '@' mention are no more restricted to your friends - improve loading of comments - fix 'search friends on facebook' feature Thank to WindowsCentral users for their feedbacks and helps Update 5.1 - new algorithm for auto-fit feature, now in HD! - improve the quality of images uploaded from the phone - improve the quality of images saved to your phone when post a picture - fix all known bugs - improve multi-accounts system - incremental loading of direct messages - improve tombstoning Update 5.0 - 3 new filters: Lark, Reyes, Juno - video upload from your phone - save video on your phone - import/export files from other apps (including Dropbox) - emoji hashtags - refreshed UI - performance improvement Update 4.3 - use a custom rescale algorithm to improve image quality instead of the native one - create custom locations - improve dark theme Update 4.2 - add verified badges - improve quality of saved copy of uploaded pictures - support newlines in comments/captions

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Aidan · 7/26/2015
Excellent Instagram Client

This app is an excellent Instagram client- I prefer this over the official Instagram Beta app! The UI is very easy to use and appealing to the eye, and the app is totally full-featured. I love the built-in collage maker. A great app!

saray · 7/23/2015

I went from an iPhone to a windows phone. I actually enjoy the windows phone alot the only thing is the apps are not 100% the same . So far this is the best app for instagram. It's pretty good just the adds but they are at the very top so if you don't mind them then you'll be ok. Also this app does not feature direct message from instagra

Michael · 7/26/2015

This is a great app! I've never had any problems with it and it's really easy to use.

Gibril · 7/27/2015

Being that the app is better than the official instagram, it gets 4 stars. Communication with developer sucks (understandably if Rudy is a one man show). Had quite a few early problems that were solved with paid version. No hating, incredible app that gets the job done. Slow motion feature would put it on top and an indicator that lets you know when que'd post will be up. Right now, que'd post takes up to 48hrs. That doesn't help when you want insta/upload. I only speak truths... THE BROOKLYN WORD TV/RADIO

eben · 7/26/2015
Best darm twitter app

It's a wonderful app. Better than the official instagram app. My only fault is its inconsistency with live tile and notifications. It rarely works.

Jeff · 7/26/2015

Completely new to instagram. I actually only downloaded 6tag because of all the positive feedback from folks on reddit, namely r/windowsphone, and I gotta say that this app is great. Only used it for 2 days before I purchased the ad free version. It's simple to use and looks good doin it! Never really thought about instagram much, but now I have a reason to put my photography passion back in the works, thanks to 6tag.

supercat · 7/25/2015

Good app, not 5 stars only b/c of a lack of live tile when someone I follow posts a new pic. What it does it does very well with a nice clean design. Integration with OneDrive can improve

Ryan · 7/21/2015

Very few flaws great instagram app! Doesn't allow video sharing and always exits out if I like a lot of pictures but those are the only problems I see with this app.

Sten · 7/21/2015

Good app, it's nearly perfect imho. I do have some problems with video-upload - for some reason, the aspect ratio gets slightly from 16:9 to 2:3 or something similar. I like videography, so it's a bit disturbing

Stephanie · 7/20/2015

I rate this app 4 Stars because you have to wait for encoding when uploading a video (Windows phone). It's annoying, especially when you want your video uploaded right away. Other than that, this is a great app. I like it more than instagram alone. You can also connect 6tag to Instagram so your uploads are on both apps.