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Update 5.5 - new design adapted to Windows 10 - improved search feature, you can now search places and search user/hashtags/places at the same time - press and hold the camera button in the application bar to directly select a file Update 5.3 - upload 1080x1080 images Update 5.2 - upload letterbox videos (add borders to not crop the video) - improve web links support - bugfixes Update 5.1.1 - you can now click on links in posts/comments/profile descriptions - improve the quality of images uploaded for avatar - '@' mention are no more restricted to your friends - improve loading of comments - fix 'search friends on facebook' feature Thank to WindowsCentral users for their feedbacks and helps Update 5.1 - new algorithm for auto-fit feature, now in HD! - improve the quality of images uploaded from the phone - improve the quality of images saved to your phone when post a picture - fix all known bugs - improve multi-accounts system - incremental loading of direct messages - improve tombstoning Update 5.0 - 3 new filters: Lark, Reyes, Juno - video upload from your phone - save video on your phone - import/export files from other apps (including Dropbox) - emoji hashtags - refreshed UI - performance improvement Update 4.3 - use a custom rescale algorithm to improve image quality instead of the native one - create custom locations - improve dark theme Update 4.2 - add verified badges - improve quality of saved copy of uploaded pictures - support newlines in comments/captions

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Safi · 8/3/2015

Rudy is one of the best windows phone developer I know. His 6 series has always amazed me. 6TAG is a perfect Instagram client for Windows phone. It not only excels the original Instagram app for wp8.1 but is also better than iOS and android versions in terms of interface and features like picture 📷 download. I thank Rudy for developing this wonderful app and wish him all the best to continue supplying us with such promising and amazing apps in the future with the windows 10.

Daniel · 8/3/2015

Great to have full functionality of instagram on windows mobile. Wish I could change my lock screen with it though

ana · 8/1/2015

Overall its a great application. I love that I can watch video, upload and dm. Its the better application compared to all others on the Windows store. Unfortunately, I dislike the new update. It doesn't let you scroll down a profile to view all photos in the three by three mode like it once did. Instead, when you tap to see more it goes to the very first photo individually and you have to scroll from there. Evidently the old version was much easier to work with and better in almost every aspect (although i kind of like the fact that we can clear and manage our search history). I miss the old lay out but prefer that the original instagram one be used. I also wish that the notifications worked, it would be much easier.

torron · 8/2/2015

Easy to control and does everything, if not better than the original application.

Triple · 8/2/2015

Phenomenal app, love the customiblity. Wish it had push notifications and on screen updates. It could use a few more collage options, but it already has great options. New layout is cool, bit weird at first. Thanks Rudy

dickwyn · 8/1/2015

This app is like way better than the official instagram app. Built in cropping of non 1X1 photos, multiple accounts and a dark theme makes the instagram experience better and the three dot menu under each photos will reveal several cool features like sharing the photo and even downloading it

Mr · 7/31/2015

This app is great for photos. With that said, major disappointment with not being able to upload videos from library. Im a drummer, so shooting a video one handed and holding the camera button is just stupid in every sense. Ill update this review when the video from library option appears. 7.31.15 review more stupidity lingering. I have tried now for months to purchase the upload video option due to my trial being and receive nothing but an error. Thought this was a better app than this. Keep getting service unavailable in app store purchase. Now looking else where.

Ricardo · 8/1/2015

I have to switch between my personal account and the fan page I run quite frequently. Rudy's app makes it easy!

Ryan · 7/30/2015

Very few flaws great instagram app! Doesn't allow video sharing and always exits out if I like a lot of pictures but those are the only problems I see with this app.

Israel Bruno · 7/30/2015

Thanks Bro!!! I can see all your effort to make this app the most perfect possible! You're on fire man! Thanks for you little updates with great corrections and design changes. I want to be a developer like you! You're really good! This app is awesome!