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Jennifer · 9/3/2015

Great so far! Easy to navigate and nice big pics, just seems a bit slower to update comments and likes than the original app on android or ios devices...

Ashira · 9/2/2015

By far THE BEST app for Instagram for Windows phones. I tried the Official Instagram app, but it's been in beta forever. With this app, I get full functionality of Instagram, like direct messaging, which I wasn't able to get before. My favorite part is that I can easily switch between my personal and business profiles without having to log out and log in each time. It seems to have a little trouble uploading large picture files, but other than that it is an awesome app :)

nishat · 9/2/2015

great app to manage instagram account. much better than instagram beta but need to take care and improve it. btw now I can regram any post without external app. that feature is awesome.

Heather · 9/2/2015

Love this app, however with the recent update I can no longer upload pictures that aren't square. If I try to edit a photo that is rectangular, it chops off some of the right side and then leaves two uneven borders on the top and bottom. Totally a bug, hoping that will be fixed soon!

grace · 9/3/2015

Truly amazing. I only became interested in this format of photo documenting because of this app. I just can't believe it's free. The ability to collage as you take the photos is mind blowing.

Tashtan · 9/1/2015

I use Instagram to find people who post pictures of things of my interest. I can easily navigate the app. Share it save photos with breeze. Sometimes I upload and that's easy as heel as well. Thank you Rudy.

Nate · 9/1/2015

I love 6tag and consider it an essential. That said, current struggles are that it constantly clicks on hash tags while you're just trying to scroll and the video upload feature glitches and drops your lock screen while you're trying to edit the vid length. Also needs to support uploading in IG's new sizes. Keep up the great work Rudy Huyn!

Peter · 9/2/2015

IS THERE A WAY TO REGRAM VIDEOS!!!??? PLEASE INCLUDE THIS FEATURE IN THE NEXT UPDATE!!! Best Instagram app for WP8! Better than Instagram itself. Has better filters and options than the actual Instagram app.

Sonja · 9/1/2015

Love that I can manage multiple pages 😍😍😍

Ryan · 9/1/2015

Great app that has minor issues resuming on Windows Phone 8.1. Sometimes has a hard time syncing certain posts and requires manually refreshing multiple times before they appear. Kudos to Rudy Hyun!


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Update 5.6 - upload non-square pictures - view non-square pictures uploaded by other users - add 3 new filters: Clarendon, Gingham and Moon - tap and hold your picture to quickly compare with and without filter (on filters page) - bugfixes and use last Instagram API