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Reviewer 4678 · 4/14/2015
Doesn't work on any of my Windows Devices

I have 3 different devices that are all Windows 8.1, a Smart Phone, Tablet and Laptop, this app does not work on any of them. I keep receiving "We're Having Trouble connecting to the 7-Elevn server right now, please try again, later." I have a full cell connection, and a full wifi connection on both the Tablet and the Cell phone (I have tried disconnecting from the wifi, just in case it was the Wifi, and vise-a-versa) to no avail. I tried contacting support though the 7-Eleven Website (there is no email address in the app store), only to have it returned to me.

Ian · 8/17/2014
I love 7-Eleven, but...

This is a great application (I've always wanted 7-Eleven to have one). My only complaints are that one can not adjust the tile to the "Large" size that was introduced in Windows 8.1, and the lack of Live Tile support (I would love to be able to see deals, food, or just plain information about 7-Eleven Inc.) In the future, I hope that these features will be incorporated into the application. EDIT: Upon further usage I have discovered some other shortcomings of the application. It clearly has not been updated for Windows 8.1 as it does not scale properly when snapped with other applications. This is a real shame, as the application has a lot going for it. It would be so very awesome if this application were a rich client version of the 7-Eleven website, built on the power and flexibility of the Windows 8 platform.

Robert · 9/13/2013
Handy for lunch.

Great for working out if I can make it to a 711 and back on my lunch, and I can see their specials are. No more mcdonalds runs for me. :)

Rostonia · 6/28/2013
Great app!

Love the layout - super easy to navigate and the design is really clean.

Justina · 3/16/2014
travel w/a tablet, how about redeem coupon one

Nice for sales info, but I don't see where I can redeem a coupon with my windows 8 tablet... why just on the phones...?

Ryan · 11/2/2013
Fun app, cool design

Definitely worth the download. I am visiting 7eleven a bit more after installing this one.

Vlado · 11/15/2013

more stores should have apps like this one.. nice

Leandro · 10/6/2013
Really useful

Really useful

Jackson · 10/22/2013
cool to get coupns

can we add a w8 mobile app as well

Rito · 10/6/2013
good app!

good app!

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