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2.6 - gif/videos played without page navigation 2.5.1: - be able to save long pictures 2.5: - compatible with long images - display top and recent comments

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olivier · 7/30/2015

Not bad, good improvements. Last had GIFs that tended to crash the phone, now it doesn't anymore. But... Why does my music stop when I watch a GIF ??? It's not like it had sound too... Otherwise, pretty light, I use it a lot and doesn't crash. I'd like some bookmark system (like, saving an image in-app, without saving in Photos). Cause we can't yet save ling images :/ Yet to improve, but still great.

Lisetta · 7/28/2015

I really like this app. But I hace to log off and on every day to be able to comment. It doesn't remember that I'm log on every time...

Bradley · 7/26/2015
Favorite 9Gag app on windows

Poor image quality when downloading large rez pictures but best 9gag port windows phone keep up the great work

Luis · 7/22/2015

Great work Rudy, but the videos must be muted, I can't play music while browse the 9gag, the videos stop the music, but have no sound. The My posts and My likes aren't working properly, is showing the hot page instead. And please, replace the like heart for a upside/downside arrows. Thanks.

Tonnu · 7/29/2015

Best 9gag app for wp so far. UI is a bit dark though. The resume last position should be somewhere else...

marie · 7/30/2015

Always loved 9gag. So happy it's an app! Much more efficient than going through my browser to use 9gag.

Juan · 7/26/2015

Best of them all!!!!! Would give 10 stars if I could. Way to go!! If I could have this same functionality in a PC app, I'd be in heaven!!!

Dominic · 7/13/2015

Love the app but whenever I like a photo it wont actually save it to the "my like section. :(

Nicole · 6/21/2015

While i like this app a lot, sometimes it crashes without reason. Other times it won't show gifs. Also, if a photo is big, you cannot zoom on it to read or understand because it won't show it zoomed or will simply crash. Otherwise, i can zoom on smaller photos. It is a good app if you are not going to get angry because you don't get the full experience. But i prefer this app on android or on web.

Luis · 6/29/2015

Good app but it has been taking alot of battery life since last updates, my music stops when I play a GIF, and it randomly logs me out of my account.