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Reviewer 1683 · 7/26/2015

I really love A&E and was so excited to see this app so I instantly downloaded it on my computer and phone. Well on my computer I can watch and episode for 59 seconds then it freezes and on my phone it either says no internet connection which is false or just doesn't pull up at all. Please give these issue's a look as I've seen so many other reviews with the same issue's.

Darius · 9/7/2014

Sweet! A vid app

Josh · 6/30/2014

It's pretty slow-loading and prone to crashes, but when it functions it does provide some pretty nice content for free. Nokia Lumia 1020

Jesse · 6/24/2014
Great app!

Love being able to watch any show, any time!

Erik · 6/24/2014
Great Previews!

A&E has a nice selection of shows with great preview clips!

Reviewer 3217 · 7/13/2015
Glitches and boots

I am trying to watch episodes of a show and the app either glitches or boots me out. Frustrating.

Reviewer 3350 · 4/2/2015
Any video

Most videos drop captioning at some point after ads play - very, very annoying to those who need them! :(

Leslie · 3/23/2015
Save your time and nerves

This app is terrible. It gets hung up and crashes. All I wanted is to watch missed episodes of Bates Motel.. The commercials are great though(sarcasm).

Jason · 7/20/2014
Pretty Good Looking App, but TERRIBLE Performance

It constantly stops, stutters, buffers, and I know its not my internet connection because the A & E website streams video fine. Its too bad because its much more convenient to watch through the app.

Ralph · 7/8/2014

Video play not smooth though bandwith excellent. Otherwise impressive and worth having.

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