• AM, Midday and Evening Editions that make it faster and easier to browse the day's most engaging news
  • Breaking news alerts
  • Headlines from ABC News top stories in U.S., Politics, Investigative, Health, Money, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, International and Travel
  • Award-winning coverage from Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 20/20, This Week
  • Lifestyle & Fun section to get the day's most intriguing news, all in one place
  • Trending stories to see what everyone is talking about
  • Swipe from story to story for easy browsing of the day's news

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Reviewer 1419 · 5/13/2015

abc is no news

Dennis · 3/22/2015
Doesn't Keep Updated

When I launch this app, more often than not the news articles are several hours behind. The only fix for this is my uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I've done this 3 times over the past week. Please fix this annoyance ABC. Update: now it's not updating at all, and says there's no Internet connection even though there is.

Verne · 2/26/2014
Is this the best you can do?

Most of the stories offered in this app are simply repeats from yesterday. If that wasn't lame enough, there seem to be more entertainment and fluff stories than real news. Two thumbs down.

S · 1/21/2014
No Tile

Great App. 8.1 Live Tile not functional.

Vincent · 5/28/2013
Its OK.

This app is good. Playing videos suck they always hang takes like 5-15 mins to load one video sometimes. But that's the only thing that I have an issue with.

Steve · 5/22/2013
choppy video

Not a very useful app. The videos only stream one at a time, and it keeps hanging up. It's not my connection or my PC because every other video app works.

Andrew · 4/8/2013
great app

I've seen a TON of reviews disregarding this app due to font-size being too small! Yes, the default font-size is tiny, but you can change it by swiping up from the bottom portion of your screen (or right-clicking) and selecting "font size" when looking at an article. ABC News is a fantastic looking news app; loaded with up-to-date headlines and videos for article highlights. It even allows users to filter by categories! Sharing allows users to post interesting articles to your facebook wall!

Steve · 3/30/2013
Almost but no cigar yet

ABA New is the best looking news app, the content is strong and the links to all the different abc divisions prominently displayed innovative. I only wish the text size could be made a bit bigger. ABC's large font is about the same size as most others small font and nearly impossible to read, certainly too small to enjoy.

mohit · 3/11/2013

The app is highly unstable. Especially the video section. The videos hang regularly,

Taylor · 1/30/2013

Alright app but the videos do not load correctly. It will keep loading the same video for all video links. I would also like to see entire shows posted or a playlist of all the stories covered in a specific show that would play through with out having to select each video individually.

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