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Jennifer · 8/26/2015

Forecasts are more accurate than those from other sources. Lots of useful information, from forecasts for a specific hour to weather ratings for different outdoor activities. Graphics are cute; interface easy to use.

Eric · 8/27/2015

Fast, lots of info and just great. Works no matter where you are and easy to use.

Art · 8/27/2015

I depend on accu-weather daily!!! More so than any of the Los Angeles television stations. It's always up-to-date, and I carry it with me constantly via my cellphone.

Fred · 8/25/2015

Great app! Accurate and timely updates. Start screen images are amazing and keep weather on your mind easily.

Deborah · 8/25/2015

Great app. Easy to read and loads quickly. I like that it gives you hourly and weather alerts.

Vance · 8/23/2015

Love it. All the information presented intelligently makes it easy to find the weather facts you need. Live tile lags once in a while, bout overall a useful app.

Daniel 3ICE · 8/24/2015
I have grown to Hate it. (This used to be a 4/5 review)

Laggy, illogical coloring (low mosquitoes is red why exactly? Should be green...) Inconsistent behavior, back button doesn't work logically, etc... 4/5 Edit: Asked me to rate it again. Removed an additional star for that inconsiderate behavior. If you can ask me to rate the app you can remember that I clicked okay. And don't ask me a second time. 3/5 Edit: It asked again, so please enjoy the further rating reduction. 2/5 Edit: The live tile doesn't do shirt. On or off makes no difference in the settings. I gave it a whole minute to update, it didn't. Just says the app name and my home location. No temperature or weather pictogram anywhere, at any size. (I want small, but I tried all three.)

ARIEL · 8/25/2015

Good app, provides the info that i need. Accurate and easy to read.

Molly · 8/26/2015

Accu Weather is a real great asset. Easy to use and so interesting I'm checking out weather news all over the States and abroad.

john · 8/26/2015

This update is a disaster. Repeatedly asking if I want to make the weather my lock screen is annoying and clumsy. I dumped this app as a result. Plenty of other weather apps.


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We're excited to introduce AccuWeather MinuteCast®, the leading minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for your exact street address or GPS location. Also in this update: launch to either your current GPS location or a favorite location from your default live tile.