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Carmen · 3/1/2015
my screen is dark, but still takes pictures

the camera was working okay and with out no reason the screen is dark no images you see the light when it takes a picture or recorder a video no images until you want to see the pictures and the video you can see the picture but there is no sound either

dora · 5/13/2014
webcamera not working

try to take pictures or do video chats camera is no longer working light is on stating camera is on but is being used some where else on a other app.

Bruce · 3/1/2014
To make app work again

I and many others judging from comments are plagued with apps that stop working after a time. My mostly working solution is to copy the name of the app, uninstall it with right side mouse button on touchpad toggle bar, then find the same named app (or a better 1) in the store and re-install it. Before uninstall check and see if same app still there or a better one. My theory is upgrades are to the apps, or to Windows, but no means exists to notify or auto upgrade the app.

I. · 6/12/2013

This app is awesome! You can use the background options and even draw a mustache on your face if you like! I really like it :D

david · 4/3/2013
Force close after update also

The programs pretty nice worked great for about a week then stuff started updating after that it starts the shuts down real fast, updated bios and graphics, it didn't fix the webcam problem but, I had few other apps like maps and some other one and now those are working lol. If anyone figures out this problem please email me wickcres34@yahoo.com ... for now im just going to try find some support page on this software something has to be causing it.

Chris · 1/11/2013

I just started using this app or trying to not sure if its the app or my laptop but I cant email anyone picture or videos you can only share threw Youtube,Facebook and one other Drama site like Facebook and for some reason I cant get the app to go away I mean it wont go back to my main page its always open in the back ground. So not sure if its this new laptop but Im leaning towards the app. its a pain in my A$$ right now. Ive some one would fix this stuff Id give a better score. Thanks CRS13

loretta · 9/4/2014

This app does not seem to work because I can't use the camera most of the time

Ted · 2/4/2014
It doesn't work anymore.

When I open this app it immediately shuts down. I've tried reinstalling it several times to no avail. It's sad because I loved this app when it worked and I can't find a suitable replacement. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Kat · 12/2/2013
doesn't work

this program doesn't save the pics or videos taken anywhere, an you can't change the save data in the settings.

Owen · 11/23/2013
This app is good

This app is okay. I think it is okay because the backrounds suck. I would definitely change the graphics and the backrounds.


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