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Arik Sidney · 5/31/2014

Not bad, but The live tile could be a bit more detailed and push support (eg for too much pollution) would be great!

Kristian · 1/8/2014
Gives you what you want at least

Gives you what you want from Your netatmo, but not in a good manner. It's not really looking good, not showing any graphs on the default view either. But the most annoying thing is the Live tile. I very much like it has a live tile, but it should constantly show in and outdoor temp, not switch very slow between all different measurements. Usually, when i glimpse on the Start screen, i would like to know the outdoor temp. Not configurable here

Antonio P · 10/27/2013
need to improve...

the web app on the browser is complete (with weather forecast). This windows app has all the information from the weatherstation but forget to include weather forecast..

elms · 8/27/2013

Fahrenheit version would be nice and add more features like live tiles etc...

Bo · 8/9/2013

Nice to see support for Netatmo like this. Graphics are basic but does all that is needed. Love to see more updates and features added, e.g. alerts, time/date stamp, forecasts, etc.

Mike · 7/27/2014

New version seems much better. More like what you can get thru web browser. The live tile works better than the new official NetAtmo app.

V · 5/23/2014

Nice update, at last a live tile!

Igor · 6/3/2014

Getting better but still not top notch. Pls make live tiles customizable (instead of scrolling everything) and support for transparent live tiles!

Charlie · 9/8/2014
Could be better.

I cannot find a way to extract the data or change the pressure to in.HG

John · 1/17/2014
Seems like a 1rst prototype

I really wanted to like this, but the web app for NETATMO is so much better that this app is no needed. I much prefer native apps, so I will continue to search for one and try update to this ine, but for now I am deleting it. One major limitation for me is that it does not see the additional monitors.


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Version 1.8: - Data is now downloaded from the NetAtmo servers over a secure connection New in version 1.7: - Changed the appname to Aeolus Weatherstation New in version 1.6: - Multiple main modules are now supported - Additional modules are now supported - The rain module is now supported - Rain readings are shown in a bar graph - When you zoom out on the graph, it will switch to showing average, minimum and maximum values per day - The layout is enhanced - Other small enhancements

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