• Native support for Windows 8.1
  • Live tiles with 4 sizes
  • New Navigation model
  • New Design based on the modern Windows 8.1 Design
  • Data Cached with performance improvements
  • Text to Speech for listening to news articles
  • Adjustable font size for high resolution displays
  • Shared contract enabled for sharing your news through other apps
  • Live streaming media player

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Nicholas · 8/2/2015
Stop refreshing!

I open the app and go to read a story - but then the layout changes and all the stories disappear, replaced with new stories. Why auto-refresh? I wasn't done with the old stories.

Reviewer 6322 · 7/20/2015

interface is easy to use and well divided between live/stream, headlines and other regional sections. I would like the special report pieces to better organized under the spotlight section , i.e Witness as one subsection. And when new spotlight pieces are made, to have links on the main AJ page.

Reviewer 0964 · 6/27/2015
Very Good

I like Al Jazeera because it gives the real news from a position that is not made to entertain or push an agenda. It coverage tells it like it is. It is more complete and broad then most news programs.

Reviewer 8619 · 6/20/2015
Good international news

I really enjoy this app and the information it provides, but wish it was easier to share news articles.

Reviewer 5579 · 7/10/2015
Layout needs work

I enjoy the access to all the information. However, the layout could be much more user friendly and visually appealing.

Reviewer 5172 · 4/15/2015

HATE IT! The display does not refresh--continues to show news from 12/31/2014-- the day I installed the app. Even if I refresh by clicking "Latest News" the main display reverts back to 12/31/2014

Emily · 3/11/2015
Wish it was better

Maybe it's my computer but when I try to watch the Live feed it jumps between stories. The audio also gets messed up and is not for the appropriate story. I've tried this on multiple networks and internet connections to no avail.

Stan · 2/18/2015
Poor video quality

The watch live video quality is super low. I can watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube with no problems. But this loads with very low quality, and re-buffers all the time.

Rangga · 9/28/2014

no live tiles

Matthew · 11/12/2013
Totally Worthless

App does not update. No good unless you want to read last month's news over and over again.

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