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Puria · 8/26/2015

Excellent But can be better with putting "search" button in the navigation bar and with making search page to easy return to searches after studying one of the search results. Tnks

Amanda · 8/27/2015

‎This app is so beautifully designed and all of its features are just simply awesome. And for FREE! One suggestion, is it possible to add date to the saved bookmark? May Allah reward you and your families, with the highest level in Jannah :')

Mohamed · 8/8/2015

Best Qur'an App ever, and I extremely like the translation of Qur'an to different languages and even explaining the meanings, and absolutely the availability of playing Audio, that's a great bonus, love it

ハル · 8/9/2015

I'd like to say that I use the app on daily basis and my only concern is that some verses missing audio and would be great to have it fixed.

Abdulrahman · 7/20/2015

Good but needs better management and auto play

A. Wali · 7/15/2015

Nice App, but needs some minor refinement. Please add the Arabic font that is popular in India subcontinent. The current font and movements can get tricky and confusing for non-Arab speaking people or for those who are not usd to this font. Also please add a shortcut button to go to next Surah instead of opening the menus every time a Surah is finished. Lastly, the only option to open a text is by opening the Surah. There is menus for all 30 parts (Juz), but it doesn't open if I click on a desired Juz. For example if I want to open the rd Juz from beginning, I won't be able to open it. I have to open Baqrah Surah and scroll down to the 3rd Juz, which is not very convenient. JazakAllah Khyran for making the App.

Sadia · 7/28/2015

One of the best Qur'an apps mashaAllah for reciting along with getting easy and understandable translation.

Bulat · 7/13/2015

The best app on the market. Beautiful app, with convenient navigation between parts, a lot of recitations. Wish Allah reward you

Adam · 7/23/2015

Al hamdulillah! This is the single best Qur'an app available on any platform. May Allah answer the prayers of the developer and accept his service. A true sadaqah. So many translations, easy to read script, a search function that works, lots of reciters, keep the app as light or heavy as you like, and ma shaa Allah its absolutely free. May Allah accept you as a true believer.

aleem · 8/16/2015

Update it .while recitation of sudes lines of quran going up before recitation .so plz updateit plz request


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