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Joey · 8/28/2015
Good program, but...

I like the play list addition feature for stations, but some stations us a URL, example "http://tunein.com/radio/981-WOGL-s21686/" instead of a file... I would love to be able to add these stations.

Reviewer 4971 · 8/25/2015
Thumbs up DOOD

Could use some more annoying alarm choices, but as long as you have ONE that is loud enough to wake me up, you get 5 stars. :-)

Terry Lee · 8/24/2015
A very pretty and very useful app for me.

I like the layout very much. I need an alarm like this because there are many things that I need to be reminded about during every day. I have a very good memory, but I also have busy days, and getting sidetracked is always a possibility. This is a pleasant way to have those reminders. It's very nice and I'm glad that I have it. The only thing I would like to have the ability to do is to be able to set recurring alarms. I'd like to be able to set an alarm that will go off every week, every month, and every year. That last one is for birthdays and anniversaries and an alarm of some sort to remind me of them each year is important. Perhaps they are possible on this app, but if so, I can't find out how to do it.

Chris · 8/22/2015
No preview of sound?

Does not appear to allow a preview of the sound, which makes it difficult to know if the alarm will be loud or soft enough, or even what the sound will be like.

R.A. · 8/22/2015
wake up alarm, and radio portion

still playing with it. It doesn't wake my Laptop up when it is time for the alarm to go off. Also, I can't see to play any of the radio stations.

Daniel · 8/22/2015
Can't use MP3's

I set my alarm for an MP3 in my music folder, though it only plays a soft default tone. Fix this and I'd drop a 4-star down, otherwise I'm not waking up to those soft ambient sounds. Also the "Upcoming Alarms Today" should be "Weekly Alarms" or "Upcoming Alarms in the next 24-Hours" or something

Azharr · 8/22/2015
nice app

can you add an option that it open a link when the Alarm time has come or it open an application of my choise thnx

Orlando · 8/22/2015

It's easy to use and it plays my personal music! The adds are a bit annoying though.

Rhayven · 8/21/2015
Good but should be even better

Being that the laptop doesnt stay on all night it would be ideal for the alarm to be able to wake you up even when computer is in sleep or hibernate. Please improve to work while computer is in sleep or hibernate

Reviewer 3775 · 8/20/2015
A Few Changes Need Made

I like the alarm clock, however, the radio settings don't suit me well. I'm thinking about having a Japanese channel or an "Add Your OWN Channel" feature. I just wanna listen to some J-Pop or some J-Rock. Otherwise, it's pretty good.



  • Roaming Alarms and Settings: Your alarms and app settings roam with your live id. Login with the same live id on any device and the app will automatically sync your alarms and settings.
  • Toast Notifications: Get alarm alerts via toast notifications even when the app is not running.
  • Wake-up from sleep: Alarms can wake up your device from sleep (if your device supports it and you have set this app as the default alarm app)
  • Weather: Get the latest weather and temperature for your current location and 3 worldwide locations in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • World Clocks: Get the time, weather and currency exchange rate for any 3 cities in the world.
  • Music Player: Create unlimited music playlists with your favorite music tracks.
  • Radio Player: Listen to over 70+ internet radio stations. Create unlimited radio playlists with built-in or custom radio stations (from pls/m3u/xspf files).
  • Facebook: Read your Facebook wall posts within the app.
  • RSS News: Read latest news - top news, world news, business, technology, sports, entertainment, science and health. Add your own custom RSS feeds.
  • Alarm sounds: Use the built-in sounds OR add your own sounds for alarms. You can even set a radio station as the alarm sound!
  • Light sensor: If enabled, alarms will stop ringing automatically when you switch on the room light.
  • Sleep Timer: Set a music playlist for the sleep timer from your music playlist collection. Sleep music plays for the sleep timer duration and gently fades away as you fall asleep.
  • Clock Background Themes: Choose from the many stunning themes available in the app or create your own themes with your favorite photos.
  • Clock Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the clock to get the right ambience.
  • Flashlight: Use the app to turn the screen bright white and act as a flashlight.
  • Live Tile: View the current date and time, updated every minute on the live tile.
  • Snapped View: Clock, alarms, music, news and Facebook feeds, world clocks, and weather – all of them work in snapped view.
  • Highly Customizable: Every feature in the app is customizable via the settings charm.

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New! One time calendar based alarm feature added.

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