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royanna · 8/27/2015
Beautiful backgrounds!

Not crazy about the ads but understand they're a necessary evil. Love the backgrounds and would like to see more. The alarm is good and loud. Wakes me up every time!

Jack · 8/28/2015
Doesn't preview volume, or indicate an alarm is set

Really don't like the design, nor the functionality. Going to go online and find the old alarm program I used to use.

Reviewer 5220 · 8/24/2015

I like the app. Unfortunately, often whenever I shut off the alarm and exit, it continues going off once I open it back up.

Susan · 8/11/2015
doesn't work

Didn't go off. It showed as set in my alarms, The alarm was on. The app was in the foreground, Nothing happened. Do you need to add your own sounds? I don't know it wasn't in the awful directions

Olivia · 8/3/2015

I like that you can pick the sound or music you wake up to. I do wish there was more variety in the clocks but, it's a really good app.

Reviewer 5850 · 8/9/2015
Piece of Junk

they were more focused on filling your screen with ads than making sure the app worked. Can't set music for the alarm. Why would I want 'news' scrolling across my clock when I get news on my desktop?

Reviewer 3205 · 7/31/2015
near perfect

It would be perfect, if not for some odd quirk. Sometimes the notification for the alarm plays over the alarm itself. effectively muffling the sound I set and replacing it with a chirping noise. Alarms are a simple tool though, so nitpicking aside It does everything it should do and what it does right it does great.

Reviewer 0999 · 7/25/2015
Alarm Clock

A really nice alarm clock and it can be nicely customized too. Light on cpu and memory usage, other than the ads, (which can be removed for a small donation/fee) I have no real complaints.

Neal · 8/10/2015
Straightforward with Depth

I love the simplicity of the interface, yet the nearly infinite range of color and sound customizations available to the user. I just paid to have the ads removed, and I don't feel as though it was a wasted fee. Although no ads would have been nice from the start, let's face it, most of these apps wouldn't get off the ground without a catch to get money back in the programmers' coffers. There usually aren't many pro-bono app creators who are able to make good quality tools without using the sense to charge something. I think the ad removal is a nice compromise between raking in money and providing what the customer wants at minimal cost and distraction. The ads where bearable for the most part, and I was able to avoid clicking on them rather easily, so as long as it isn't an eyesore, you can use the app for free. I am wondering whether to look up other aps by these C#Guys.

Paul · 8/11/2015
just a clock

ok for the time keep me from being late



  • 8 Different Clock faces
  • Customizable backgrounds - chose your own color or image
  • Choose your own alarm sound
  • Integrated news feed keeps you up-to-date on events
  • Live tile shows the next time the alarm will sound
  • Other advanced features include chimes every 15 minutes, ticking sounds and control of the seconds/day displays.
  • Advanced 'Silent Night' mode turns off all clock sounds during the night (except the alarm, of course).
  • Dimmer to turn down the brightness of the app

App details

Version notes

v2.3 r2 Bug fixes, changed default background image of digital clock. v 2.3 Added support for Windows 8.1, added new background image. v 2.1 Added setting to allow custom length of snooze time (in minutes) v 2.0 Major new release adding 4 new clock faces, including an LCD style clock and a unique 'Cat Clock'. Also added a home page to select any clock face desired and to allow easy access to setting the alarm. v1.4 Bug fixes. v1.3 Misc fixes. v1.2 By request, we added a dimmer slider to reduce the light output of the app. Please note, not all advertisements can be dimmed. Let us know what you like and what you don't like. We are always looking to improve.

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