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Added the following features: -Support for Garage control -Support for’s Geo-Services technology, allowing you to set up notifications or rules based on your phone’s location relative to your home, office or other “geo-fence”. (Availability subject to service plan.) -Support for the Microsoft’s Live Tile feature – see current security system status directly from the app tile.

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Kirk · 8/1/2015

Works really well on my Lumia Icon. Simple, fast, easy to use. Love it.

Jeff · 6/18/2015

Thanks for supporting Windows Phone! Was excited about the new geofencing feature. Then learned that all it would do is remind me to arm the alarm. What it should do is arm when there are no registered devices in the geofence, and disarm on presence of a registered device. I can see where that could go wrong... If all phones are off or discharged... But it would be awesome under normal conditions. Disclaim it on the web site if you have to. version...let me set all those web site options from the phone.

Marc · 6/18/2015

Yeah!!!! Thank you for finally adding a live tile and geofencing. Live tile could use some more information like notifications on the flip flip side etc but great use of exclusive windows phone feature. Keep up the updates...we are here!!!

Jeremy · 6/17/2015

Works well enough for arming and disarming the alarm system. Would really like to see garage door support in the future. UPDATE: They've added garage support!

rajeev · 6/13/2015

Functional and simple. Does the basic job.

Kristopher · 7/6/2015

I am glad they are starting to add more features that where already available for Android and IOS versions.

Dana · 6/14/2015

Great to finally see an update with new features compared to other mobile platforms.

Eugene · 7/22/2015

Love the app - very straightforward and does what is necessary. Using with a 2gig security system.

Dash · 5/11/2015

Works well. Windows Phone now supports geo-fencing, so I'd like to see that implemented. Also, Cortana support would be great. Then it could ask me if I want to turn the alarm on as I drive away and I wouldn't even need to take my phone out of my pocket.

Nikki · 5/20/2015

Love it .. Works great, easy to use.