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Mr Scozz · 3/15/2011

@jedi bradkenobi While not as easy to read, there are roughly 1000 grams to a liter. So having a BAC of .08% is about equal to this applications measurement of 0.8 grams/liter. So just move the decimal point one space to the left to see your estimated BAC level. Keep in mind that this application IS based on estimates. Its probably a safer bet to just not drink and drive at all. I do however agree that perhaps the results display be configured to correspond with written law and not chemical amounts. Otherwise fun app. :)

User · 12/14/2012

I wonder how can i keep my eye on the phone to put in information into this app when i drunk :)) however this's a nice app. Thanks!

otherRobots · 5/24/2011

Needs to provide an option to display g/dL which is the standard US measurement. For now, just move the decimal point in your head, which is a feat of varying difficulty depending of course on.... How drunk you are.

Jedi BradKenobi · 1/15/2011

Good looking app, but doesn't do much good on telling me if I might blow over the limit here in th U.S., because it doesn't explain its results.

Lucas · 8/30/2013

Pas trop mal les estimations ne sont pas exellente mais ça nous donne un aperçu globale de notre consommation a essayer


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