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Reviewer 7388 · 5/14/2015
How do you save recipes

Can't save recipes. I signed up and still no save button....... annoying. Pinterest is better! Add a save feature this would be helpful!

Reviewer 5616 · 5/16/2015
Good App...

My only complaint about this app is you have to go to the actual website to rate it (unless I just haven't figured it out) other than that I like this app way better than the other cooking apps in the marketplace. I have found a ton of great recipes. I gave it 3 stars because you cannot tweek a recipe unless you subscribe on the website.

Reviewer 8239 · 4/18/2015
Cashes on every function!

I first had this as an app for my iPad and iPhone and creadtred and account and used the web sight. I downloaded this version on the store and I signed in on my account and all my saved recipes are there BUT I try to open on in my favorites or saved to create a shopping list and the program "crashes" ... that is to say it minimizes to my desk top and when I maximize it I am at the main screen, still logged in, but if I attempt to do anything it "crashes" again. This version is USELESS and I am just going to go to the bookmark in my browser and use the web sight!

Reviewer 4218 · 5/19/2015
Recipes good, app bad

Every time my tablet goes to sleep, this app closes and loses the recipe that I was using. This is extremely annoying when cooking and your hands are dirty. Best solution so far is change the Windows power settings to never go to sleep.

Reviewer 2786 · 4/3/2015
Great but can be better

I love this app, but the desktop needs to be just as strong as the mobile app. I really miss the ability to add/ edit recipes to my recipe box and see my shopping list. It would be great to have the same access as the mobile app, with extra features like being able to put the list into categories (like breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the ability to print it out. This would make the desktop version even better and more enticing to download.

Franca · 3/4/2015
Great app

I love allrecipes and this app is perfect for finding my recipes quickly and on the go. Very simple to use.

Jose R. · 1/31/2015
Great app! But can still be improved.

I really like the app and I find myself using it more and more every week. I like that I can change the servings to adjust ingredient amounts as needed, save recipes to My Recipe Box and access it as well. People have said that they don't see a button to save recipes, but they just need to create an account or sign in, then swipe from above or below to access the App Commands Bar to see the option to save a recipe to the Recipe Box. Here are a few features I would love to see added in a future update: 1. Menu Planner 2. Shopping List 3. Integrate the features of the separate AllRecipes Video Cookbook app into this one for a full featured, killer app.

mike · 1/30/2015
printing function

This is my favorite cooking site use it nearly daily. Figured out that if you look to the online version you can print from there. hope to be able to print from the app sometime.

ron · 11/18/2014
power usage in sleep mode

I ran the powercfg /sleepstudy and it showed that this app is using power in sleep mode. I have live tile off on the app.

harry · 10/22/2014
allrecipes app

enjoy this app very much very easy to use a lot of good recipes

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