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Sarah · 7/1/2014
Too picky

I agree with the other commenter that this app is way too picky. If you don't trace the letter in the exact pattern as it shows, you fail. For example, to be successful in writing the "O" you must start at the bottom and go counterclockwise. You fail if you start at the top and/or go clockwise. Why not just make sure the child stays in the lines??

Jeffrey · 5/18/2014
I really like the premise of this app, but...

It's very one dimensional. First it needs sound. Some nice background music, the name of the letter, and the sound(s) the letter makes would be great. Also say the name of the object. Second it needs a lower case option. Finally a quiz section would really set it over the top. Use random upper and lower case letters and quiz the kid if it's upper or lower case. Maybe have them match the objects to the letters. As it stands right now I don't see myself using it too often.

Daniel · 10/17/2013
Not simple enough for young kids

It is tough to find a good app that is for teaching writing letters to those who are unable to read. This app goes in the pile with the others that fail to get it right.

Eswaraiah · 7/1/2013
very nice app

very good app, but kids like sounds, if they write letter we should give some encouraging claps or sounds, when we show A - Apple, try to provide sound also.

Scott · 12/7/2012
Great start

This is a great app for teaching kids how to write uppercase letters correctly, but it really also needs to teach lowercase letters.

Govind · 11/30/2012
Nice app :)

Easy and awesome experience of alphabets writing :)

lumturie · 11/26/2013

I want to learn english

ravindra · 12/4/2012
Good One

No other app like this...really nice

Vadim · 10/25/2013

Only teaches how to write print letters

John · 3/1/2013
Not very friendly to toddlers or young children

Your child will have to trace exactly of they "fail" even if they trace the letter.


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