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User · 7/12/2015

It needs to have a little bit of old school and also the new ones from now

Ultimate · 6/9/2015

Good app!! You have the choice to download the song, or just listen to them straight from the app and make a playlist awesome!! However there are some songs that you cant find. There's also a little bit of trouble shooting you have to go though if you wish to play though the app. Sometimes it refuses to play the song you just selected but if choose a other song and go back to the originally selected song. It will play. Highly recommend!

Anthony · 7/15/2015

I have never had any problems with this app at all but it needs some more songs on it

Noah · 4/18/2015

This app has an incredible collection of music, and you can even listen to songs offline!

Anthony · 4/24/2015

In the next update please put a check all option for the songs so I won't have to manually check them and I will rate 5 stars.

User · 5/21/2015

AMAZING ITS AWESOME....But wish it had all songs

User · 5/15/2015

It always used to work but these days it has been really slow 😐

ovais · 5/20/2015

Awesome app! But need little more stability and UI improvements, then it will be the number one!

Breanna · 5/17/2015

It sucked. I just installed it and the songs lep stopping and playing by them selves. I don't recommend installing the app.

Kristin · 4/11/2015

Love it! I have found so many of the songs here that I can't find on other apps