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Goon Fook · 8/30/2015

Please bring back Bing daily option as lock screen background.

Andrew · 8/22/2015
Does what's expected, mostly

Nice looking so. Displays information in an easy to understand way. Some of the animated backgrounds make it impossible to read anything on the screen, especially the pretty fall leaves.

Chris · 8/20/2015

Definitely the best weather app on WP8. Great live tiles, fast and easily accessible info once you open the app, and with the addition of lock screen support, it blows away the other weather apps. My only remaining wishes for this app are a better radar (animated) and toasts/alerts for severe weather. Update 8/20/15: Dropped my rating to 3 stars. No new features added in a very long time. Still no animated radar or toast alerts. Decision to hide radar, hourly forecast and alert buttons under the three-dot menu was a mistake. They should have remained easily accessible. Also, recent issue involving current location conditions showing wildly different info than conditions by zip code.

Katrina · 8/30/2015

I've been using this app for 2 years now and I just LOVE it! Love the animation, accuracy of locations and actual temps as well as weather activities. It even worked while I was outside the US. << So creepy how it generated the paragraph for my rate. 100% accurate... Creeppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mohamed Shakeel · 8/15/2015

Pretty good weather app... One of the best... Worth the purchase... Please update to windows 10 design language and make universal... Graphics still not too smooth and app can be a bit slow at times... Tile customization page is confusing and not too fluid... Please update...

bob · 8/12/2015
Wish there were an option to show radar on the tile.

Has all the features I wanted: Pin multiple locations, access local alerts and radar. Has option for good clean Metro UI, my preference. Finally, also feels responsive and quick. And no ads! What's not to like?

Rajeev · 8/8/2015

I love it. I wish it would show "feels like " temp on lock screen & refresh more frequently than one hour.

John · 8/13/2015
Best weather app in the store

Gives accurate information and is reliable. Only thing is that out needs to update more often on live tile

Brad · 7/31/2015
Best live tile and lock screen of any weather app

I love the five day and five hourly forecast wide tiles... No stupid flipping (disabled back tile). My fave by far. Problem (might not be your fault) on Windows 10 mobile it no longer runs reliably in the background. Set to update hourly on WP 8.1 and it's flawless. On windows 10 mobile I'm lucky if it updates the tile daily. Some apps update tiles well, some don't so I'm guessing MS changed something, however some folks do have it working so check it out please. Again, great app for the quick 5 day and 5 hourly forecast.

Kyle · 8/9/2015

My favorite weather app. Stylish and informative. Could be quicker to load data though.


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** Updated 21-7-2015 - Added new hourly chart - Ads in trial mode (5 days) - Bug fixes ** Updated 20 April, 2014 ** - Support for Transparent Live Tiles (WP8.1) ** Updated 1 Mar, 2014 ** - Bug fixes ** Updated 14 Feb, 2014 ** - Added support for 10 day forecast. - New amazing images for lock-screen. - Reduced animation flickering. - Better support for Meteoalarm.eu - Fixed lock screen updates not matching weather. - Added new Simplified Chinese and Hungarian languages.