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** Updated 17 April, 2015 ** - Enhancements ** Updated 20 April, 2014 ** - Support for Transparent Live Tiles (WP8.1) ** Updated 1 Mar, 2014 ** - Bug fixes ** Updated 14 Feb, 2014 ** - Added support for 10 day forecast. - New amazing images for lock-screen. - Reduced animation flickering. - Better support for - Fixed lock screen updates not matching weather. - Added new Simplified Chinese and Hungarian languages.

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Brad · 7/31/2015
Best live tile and lock screen of any weather app

I love the five day and five hourly forecast wide tiles... No stupid flipping (disabled back tile). My fave by far. Problem (might not be your fault) on Windows 10 mobile it no longer runs reliably in the background. Set to update hourly on WP 8.1 and it's flawless. On windows 10 mobile I'm lucky if it updates the tile daily. Some apps update tiles well, some don't so I'm guessing MS changed something, however some folks do have it working so check it out please. Again, great app for the quick 5 day and 5 hourly forecast.

Sanghwan · 7/27/2015

Everythings are perfect except Bing images option for lock screen. I found that bing images to choose for background images option to lock screen disappear. Please, return that option.

Sara and · 7/29/2015

Works great! Beautiful interface, gives detailed weather. I like the live tile with its weather at a glance.

Darren · 7/21/2015

Have tried about a dozen weather apps and this is still my favorite. Has a very well designed layout with great density of useful information. Love easily flipping through my saved locations. Does still need improvement on accuracy/refreshment of weather. Would LOVE a wide format Live Tile!

dongle · 7/31/2015

Good. Beautiful lock screen.

Nick · 7/17/2015

Just in credible weather app so far tho!!! It still needs work, like getting the app, lock screen, tile to always have the same temperature which seems like they would know about these things... Has a few things that updates should fix... But this will keep me from buying until they fix some of these things so I'll only have it for the try run... The best weather app without question!!!

Rich · 7/22/2015

Overall best weather app, stable, reliable, and supported. All other weather apps I've tried have no consistent developer support...or abandoned. Without a doubt, the premiere WP weather app. Smart design and smart author.

Matthew · 7/24/2015

Good. Not always accurate. But what's up with the lock screen settings? It chooses its own images randomly now? Why can't it stick with what Bing is using?

AJ · 7/15/2015

Good app, missing a couple big things for me: 1. Bing image of the day background is key 2. Unless I'm missing it, I cannot make any live tile transparent. Each tile option is different yet only a few are offered as transparent. Would like the option to make any of the tile designs as theme/transparent color.

Brian · 7/15/2015

Amazing app, beautiful and full of info. five stars. :-)