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jon · 8/25/2015

With the latest update, the app feels a lot harder to navigate than before. Instead of scrolling suggests for different info, you now only scroll up and down, which makes it tedious to find what you're looking for, be it a specific seller or comments. Some pages do not last properly and done links on pages cause the app to crash. Otherwise, it still works for the most part.

Kathryn · 8/27/2015

SWEEEEEEEEET! better UI+performances, added features (e.g. Dash button support-buy it doesnt recognize non-apple, android, fire phones :(, digital order history, etc), purchase reviews. The latest update makes the app feel more like navigating the full site. Awesome :)

Charles · 8/26/2015

With new filtering improvements this app is much improved. Some finer points that still bug me about it: (1) Could do some amazing things with live tiles. (2) How about you drop the "mobile" and just call it "Amazon" (Kind of fixed. Instead of "Amazon Mobile" its the almost as bad "Amazon App") (3) Where are my options for push notifications on deals, on the status of package shipment/delivery? (bumping the app a star for this)

Kevin · 8/26/2015

I love it the last update 😍❤ ... Now the app is elegant, but is a little slow on pivot menus and little ugly. I'm still waiting for: 1) Enable transparent live tile. 2) Makes this app universal. 3) Enable notification for buys, tracking information and when it's starts big deals like Black Friday. New: I can see my gift card balance and gifts cards page is more beautiful.

Lucian · 8/27/2015
Cannot switch country

It's stuck to Amazon UK, but I'm not there and I can't change the store. Later edit: The more link was not visible on the screen. I had to hide the navigation soft buttons to be able to see it. Still, there wasn't much effort put in developing this app and making it work properly on any device. I'll keep my 1-star rating.

Richard · 8/15/2015
Does NOT support password managers

Works well EXCEPT you cannot paste your password from a password manager app. You can paste your email address, but oddly not the password. This encourages using easy-to-type passwords instead of strong, complicated, and frequently changed codes. Amazon, the ability to paste credentials makes apps MORE secure, not less.

Kenny · 8/28/2015

Truly a fantastic app! Crashes when on data, though. Please add more Prime features? :) Update: Orders app now loads for a very long time.

Bernadette · 8/21/2015

The app used to work great, allowing me to see my orders and more easily browse the selections. But now, I can't even see my orders anymore, and the app crashes when I try to see any item. Please, update the app so it is better for the people who use it.

Seth · 8/21/2015

Rancid update ruined this app, giving up on the good, windows phone design for a clumsy, difficult-to-navigate scroll a thon. This is the "innovation" you get at Amazon.

SHANNON · 8/13/2015

For past 24 hours, I am unable to log in. It just sits "thinking" but never logs me in, so having to log into website to make my purchases. Also, have always had an issue seeing all my options from the main screen. There is no way to scroll down. Please fix!!!!


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