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justin · 7/11/2015

This app seems functional if under developed especially when compared with its ios counterpart but I suppose that's to be expected realistically. Still the app does receive updates with more than just bug fixes from time to time. I just wish it was given more attention from amazon.

Joey · 7/13/2015

Works great. I have made many orders using this app and have not had any problems. Searching and finding what I am looking for is easy and I feel confident my transaction is secure.

Austin · 7/10/2015

After a a few times using the app, my cart will not load. It gets stuck on the loading screen and i must close the app. If uninstall and reinstall that remedies it. Only to start the process again. Please fix this so i can give 5 stars.

SFC · 7/8/2015

Gets me Amazin Amazon info - not as good as the web, of course but it gets stuff done

Robert · 6/14/2015

Recently switched from iPhone to Windows Phone. Amazon, your app is so much better in iOS (without being perfect, of course). Why don't you show the same courtesy to Windows Phone users? And there's so much potential for you with WP (Live Tiles, Notifications). I expect more from you when Windows 10 Mobile gets here!

Jeremy · 7/20/2015
Great App

Love Amazon and I surprisingly use the mobile app quite a lot. I do have one gripe though. If I have a gift card loaded into my payments there is no apparent way to pay with something other than the gift card. Other than those that, love it.

David · 7/21/2015

The app works fine, but could definitely use an update to fix a couple bugs.

Emily · 6/21/2015

No filter...? I just use a tile from the website. Please make this app as good as the android version.

Freddy · 7/3/2015

I removed this from start screen. Looking for other shopping options now. , failure to display technical or product detailed information on merchandise,and the main website is just annoying with all the advertisement s. The main website is not mobile friendly.

the Barking · 5/24/2015

I was able to log in, but when I try to pay or track orders and it requires me to retype my password, it freezes... EVERY TIME!