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Jeff · 8/26/2015

Seems as though it is a standard among all apps for Windows. The app is not completely broken, it's just unfinished compared to other OS's (ios/Android). No dictionary or wiki to add, no highlights, etc... Why?

Phillip · 8/22/2015

I originally gave this one star, however I am changing it to three. Why? It opens books without a problem, however if you are planning to read manga/comics go ahead and forget about it, it won't download. If whoever is part of the team fixes the problem with this then I'll bump it up to five.

Luke · 8/21/2015

Love Kindle, but app is poorly designed. Often loses a line at the bottom of the screen, likely due to the collapsible nav bar. Hiding the bar, however, quickly makes the text disappear entirely. Resizing the font is necessary to view the line.

Dwight · 8/18/2015

Why use this app when other devices are better? When I read I always want to mark things to look at later. Kindle reader for windows phone lets you read the book but not highlight text or add notes. Why would I read on the windows phone when I have an android tablet that lets me highlight? Seems like I'm always asking that about my windows phone.

Lisa · 8/9/2015

Loyal Amazonian Terribly Disappointed I have four Kindles, and have used the iPhone and iPad apps. But the Windows app, by a degree I didn't imagine possible, is the hands-down worst one of the bunch. Unbelievable! Please Amazon, you have to do something about this--we can't save text, write notes, and most appallingly we can't even query a dictionary. What's going on here? Please do something to bring this app up to snuff!!

Jordan · 8/26/2015
Not fully functional

Can't highlight or make notes, can't scroll up and down to change pages

Rob · 8/16/2015
At least it exists

But that's about all you can say about it. Live tile isn't transparent or useful, and navigation within books is nearly impossible - no bookmarks, no search. Biggest problem: The app periodically skips several lines when moving from page to page. Really hope there's a universal app down the road somewhere...

Mark · 8/6/2015

Doesn't even show, never mind sync, any of the books I sideload onto my kindle paperwhite, only those books bought from amazon, which pretty much makes it useless.

Ashlie · 8/26/2015

On my Android, I loved this app as I could read my books anywhere. This phone(windows) I can only read some of my books and others, the app will shut down. Please fix this issue and then I will give it 5 stars. Thank you!

Robert · 7/27/2015

Hasn't been updated in years, still no selecting text, search, or dictionary, occasional bugs when opening the app... Overall shoddy product.


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