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Dana · 7/31/2015
I love Amazon!

I love Amazon! I always check there first for everything. I have Prime so most things I buy have free shipping and handling. I also have Amazon Fire, another nifty purchase I made through Amazon. Like Netflix you can view movies, TV shows (series), and if you have Amazon Prime you can watch Prime TV and Prime Movies for free. I can even download free books for my PC through an Amazon Kindle app for PC's, you may also buy books from the Kindle store and download them to your PC. Love this Website!

valeg · 7/27/2015
sharing isn't easy

Sharing interesting deals could be an easy than it is.

Pascual · 7/29/2015
Great App easy to use

Best of both world Windows 10 + Amazon the app is very useful and makes amazon shopping even better.

Reviewer 7891 · 7/29/2015

It doesn't appear that this app has nearly the comprehensive set of tools that android and ios apps do, which limits the utility when using a tablet.

Reviewer 9120 · 6/19/2015
Needs work

This Windows 8 needs some serious work. How search results are listed is different than in a normal browser or Android/iOS apps. This makes it tougher to find what you are looking for and I see lots of duplicates. Deals of the Day rarely show up either even though they are there if I go to the browser or other app. Lightning deals are displayed differently too which make them tough to navigate. Orders show up different as do wish lists and everything else. I shop a lot on Amazon and I find that I don't use this app... that I would rather just open a browser and shop. No app is better than an app that just doesn't work well and provides an inconsistent user experience.

James · 7/4/2015
Good interface, inconsistent functionality

The interface makes great use of the W8 UI/feel/etc., but the inconsistency varying from endless load times to limited wishlist navigation ensure I have to go to the website for anything beyond casual window-shopping.

Reviewer 5472 · 6/10/2015
Basically unusable

The biggest problem, and single deal breaker problem with this app - on what planet would the first 15 characters of a product name be enough to know what something really is on Amazon? Perhaps if the Android apps and website were not so incredible intuitive and smartly done then this app wouldn't seem so bad . . . but instead it is incredibly inferior, laughably bad in comparison. So obviously neglected - when you hover over the "Add to Wish List" button, it turns into a text selection cursor (you can't actually select any text, it just does that for fun I guess - ?!). Once viewing a wish list, if you press "Move" to move an item to a different wish list nothing actually happens. Yay. All the things that make Amazon the place I go first to buy something - extreme usability and clarity - are just not possible in the app. Which makes the app useless for me, might as well pin a bookmark to my start screen.

Reviewer 6899 · 6/8/2015
Can't even use Wishlist

When I open my wishlist, the default list opens but I can't do anything in it. I can see the list but click on any individual item and nothing happens. Cannot add items to cart from the wishlist. Cannot switch to one of my other lists. App is not worth using. Just go to the website via a browser and get full functionality of the site.

Reviewer 4957 · 6/7/2015
Nice app, But has a few small issues

For any frequent amazon shopper the app is great, but it seems to always freeze on the wish list, and has a few issues with the shopping if something is removed it seems to still show it for awhile or has to be done again ,same with quantity always changing it when cart reloads. But besides few bugs its great for anyone who enjoys shopping on amazon much easier to see the products and search than there actual website.

Reviewer 4076 · 6/2/2015
Great and easy to use

This app for Amazon is especially a great and helpful addition for those that are Amazon Prime members to eliminate going through the hassle of running through Yahoo or any other venue you might be using. A nice, clean and easy to use app that I wish I had installed months ago when I bought the new large All In One desk top. I love it!

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