• Has various hand shapes to depict various Numbers and Alphabets that are used in ASL.
  • Some Facts and some motivational thoughts that may help you to understand ASL better.

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This is the initial and very simple version of ASL. It is very easy to understand the hand shapes and contain no complexities. Its contains depictions of numbers and alphabets in ASL.

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Vicky · 10/29/2013
Great starting point!

It has you scroll through letters and numbers in a little-kid-friendly environment.

Michael · 10/19/2013
Numbers & Letter Only

Gives you the basics of numbers and letters. No animation. If you need those simple signs, it gets the job done.

S L · 10/11/2013
ASL Alphabet and Correct Number Hand Signs but ...

If you are looking for signing in sign language itself, this is not it; but this is an awesome Starter App for one to begin to learn the basic of the Alphabet from A - Z and the correct way of signing numbers 1 through 10. Just remember to keep your hand steady as shown and easier said than done. GREAT APP, practice makes perfect. This is the requirement in order to learn SIGN LANGUAGE. Snatched this one so my grandchildren can learn!

Allison · 10/9/2013
There's Nothing To It

This only shows pictures of how to sign letters and numbers 1-10. Way too basic!

Elizabeth · 1/2/2014

This only teaches letters & numbers, and not completely correct either!

Swapnil · 9/26/2013
Nice App

Good Work .. Keep it up !!

a.d · 1/1/2014

this is not what people think it is . American sign language apps. and e-books is what people are looking for this app is for pre-school only numbers to nine and abc if you are someone who learned ASL on PBS you and your children would be very unhappy.

heather · 1/1/2014
very basic level asl

shows only letters and numbers.

Michael · 1/18/2014
37 things isn't a language, it's a starting point.

All you get are the 10 numerals, 26 alphabet signs, and some filler text. This is not Language. U, n, l, e, s, s, Y, o, u, r, s, C, o, n, s, i, s, t, s, P, u, r, e, l, y, O, f, S, p, e, l, l, i, n, g.

aparesh · 11/24/2013

very good

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