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Gordon · 7/31/2015
Ancestry App is immediately fascinating

I love graphic design. Having a little trouble moving around in the app. I love info tiles

Jesse Lee · 7/22/2015
No Value - And that's SAD

This is not an Ancestry.com bashing. I love the work that Ancestry has done over the years. I've grown my tree to over 700. This Windows App is just poor PERIOD If you have access to Android you are better off. The ease of functionality should be the same across all platforms and clearly this not the case If the 1 stars are more than 5 by a good amount take the clue and run. Note: This is meant to be a humble opinion. If I'm missing something let me know.

Robert · 8/10/2015

Easy access

Reviewer 9843 · 6/19/2015
Ancestry.com is my favorite helper

I have been tracing our family history for over a decade and always come back to Ancestry.com when I am stuck or when they release their very frequent and extremely helpful updates. Easy to navigate the website for clear and concise info. If I have a real issue, the helpline is manned by friendly and knowledgeable staffers.

Reviewer 2536 · 6/21/2015
Couldn't get to my own Ancestry tree

I was able to sign in fine, but a tree that was shared with me was all I could see. I found no other way to select my tree. Since simply climbing and navigating around my existing tree is all I wanted to do with this app, I can only give it one star. The Customer Support person on the phone at Ancestry couldn't find anything to help me with the Windows Ancestry app. Sounds like this app is too new to have all the bugs worked out and for Customer support people to find any information on it either. Will uninstall it for now and use the regular website to get to my tree.

Reviewer 1248 · 5/2/2015

It downloaded my husband's family, but not mine. When it works, you can look at individual profiles, but you have to go to the website to edit anything. I don't see a way to view the tree in app either. It doesn't seem to be worth the space it uses on my device, so I'll delete it. :(

Janet · 7/31/2015
Couldn't get to my own tree

I, too, could only access 1 tree, and it was one that was shared with me - not even one of the 2 trees for which I am the owner. Didn't have any issues with the older version, but since I've upgraded to Windows 10, and downloaded this version, it just doesn't work.

Reviewer 6047 · 7/5/2015
What's the point?

Well maybe it is being developed but there is no point to this app. It seemed to be functional a bit on my tablet but this is just taking up space. (not for long)

Kari · 8/22/2015
Needs Work

I would have expected my tree to load the home person first. Don't like that some facts are completely missing and fact descriptions are cut off and citation detail isn't available at all... just the source title. It would be nice to have options, too. I don't like the Facebook feed and I would like to turn the maps off. Pictures aren't showing up either.

Denny · 4/1/2015
Very Disappointed

Having gotten used to the iPad version - I grew very fond of it and unfortunately there happen to be a lot of different things I cannot do on this version that I can on my iPad. The software looks great - but needs the meat and potatoes to back it up. I am rating this App 1 star. However, I do recommend Ancestry.com and the apple version. If I were rating that it would be 5 stars. The hints are fantastic. The database is deep and growing daily. Ancestry is at the top of their industry tree, but this app needs work. Please fix.



  • Browse people in your tree
  • Rich photo and record image viewing experience
  • Discover Ancestry hints
  • See your ancestor's life events on a map
  • Open on Ancestry.com for editing

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Added support for viewing attached records on the Person page Improved support for large trees Implemented pre-defined filters and searching on the People collection page Added sharing charm support

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