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Brian · 7/31/2015
Painless to learn, iOS version has sound

Other than a double click on a color to bring up the custom color that doesn't accept RGB/LAB(or any other numbering option), the entire user interface is intuitive for animating, and the export to mp4 works on Windows10Pro (Though I have additional codecs outside of the default, like those from Quicktime Pro). It's not a professional animation program, but as this is Windows, there are many professional animation software options and sound editing options for video.

Joseph · 8/5/2015

It places the line almost half an inch away from the cursor. It has no pressure sensitivity. Extremely disappointed.

Timber · 3/13/2014
I am trying the demo!

I tried the demo of this app, it works great, it does its purpose of what it says, I don't get the bad reviews of it, yeah it needs improvement and a more difficult option for the more advanced skilled artists but otherwise its perfect for someone that sketches animation.

kelly · 3/11/2014
hoping these aren't all the colors...

because if I cant easily access BLACK of all colors, among others, I wont be buying this app, which is a disappointment because I would love to get better acquainted with it.

Isaac · 1/6/2014
needs updating

this application worked very well at first and I was very impressed. Now however, I get nothing but crashes whenever I try to play any of my projects or manage my frames. I'm extremely frustrated with the sudden malfunction of this software. It no doubt requires a fix, otherwise it has just been a waste of my money and a huge waste of my time and effort.

Jordan · 1/2/2014
I don't know.

I feel like I could find better software for $4 or less, with 1 medium, 6 colors, and no zoom feature, your cartoon is sure to not display the full potential of your creativity. On the plus side, the software is responsive to my every touch and needed detail, and texture. I give this app 3 stars of 5 for potential, neatness, and decent reliability.

Justin · 8/20/2014
Doesn't work at all

When I try to draw something, the place where the drawing goes is not aligned with my finger at all. And then the screen also keeps flashing like crazy. Totally unusable.

Reviewer 1521 · 4/12/2015

I used it for a project- it sucked. It wouldn't export, and then it crashed. I do NOT recommend to anyone.

Logan · 11/10/2013

very unimpressed. On the apple iPad you can zoom in while drawing and on the mistreated windows store you cant even zoom in. Just like note ledge, this app is really weak compared to your same apps for other platforms. Very weak color choice. You make very suckish apps for windows 8, and I am not using any of them until you make them stronger and better! Thanks for trying to make a decent app for windows 8 though

Alfredo · 11/17/2014
Surface Pro 3 not working

It dose not work with surface pro 3



  • Make hand-drawn animations
  • Supports Layers
  • Brushes with pressure sensitivity
  • Adjust size and opacity
  • Color Selection Palette
  • Supports four sets of frame rate
  • Onion Skinning
  • Export/save files to Windows device
  • Compatible with files from iOS version

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Version notes

Kdan Cloud subscription added. Bug fixes for drawing on Surface Pro 3 and other devices with Animation Desk. +Color Selection Palette --Keeps your favorite and most used colors in the palette + Kdan’s Latest Service Launched: AniZone --A platform for animation enthusiasts to exchange and view original works --All animators are welcome to AniZone, regardless of mediums used --Sign up today and get all services on AniZone for FREE --Upload and share your works on AniZone

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