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Rick · 11/29/2013

For what it does I guess its ok. Not quite what I was looking for. I was hoping to be able to place web shortcuts in there, can't so its gone. Sorry

Matthew · 8/21/2013


User · 8/6/2013

Not good

翔桢 · 6/4/2014

Should include more settings in the App Folder like rotation lock and quiet hours.

Gerrit · 4/16/2014

Great app, I am glad they added the option to turn off app titles when viewed a folder. Now if it were possible to pass on the number of new messages when viewing the folder, and the total of new messages within the folder on the folder's live tile, that would be perfect and definitely 5* app!

Iv · 3/24/2014

Thank You! Sammy. Very nice app. You can view up to 18 apps in the folder at a time. And the style of the folder matches your theme. Very Cool!

Tristan · 3/11/2014

Useful but needs to display a number on the tile for the notifications of the apps in the folder

prakhar · 2/16/2014

Plz add sreen rotation lock in setting option

Philip · 1/22/2014

Good application to have. It would be nice to add built in applications like maps and calculator.

Vicious · 1/4/2014

works well, although i am unwilling to update from an earlier version as Samsung "fixed" a bug which most consider a great feature, custom tile colours. when this feature is re-enabled i will update the app. hope your listening devs, im far from alone in this view, every user i speak to wants the custom colours.


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v1.2.0.3 update - Toggle app title default option changed. v1.2.0.2 update - WP8.1 Support v1.2.0.1 update - Toggle app title funtion added. Applied to each folder separately. (folder > option > show/hide information) v1.2.0.0 update - 'Internet Explorer Favourites' added. - some UX changed. v1.1.0.8 update - bug fixed. v1.1.0.7 update - 'change order' mode updated. v1.1.0.6 update - 'select tile page' has been added. v1.1.0.2 updated - bug fixed. v1.1.0.1 updated - bug fixed. - doesn't work in kid's corner. v1.1.0.0 updated - Tile color will be changed according to Accent color. - Support setting tiles. - Updated tile motion. v1.0.0.10 updated - app bug fixed. - Scroll performance improved. v1.0.0.9 updated - app launch bug fixed. - tile image quality improved. v1.0.0.8 updated Bug fixed. v1.0.0.7 updated Drag and drop to change order.